We all have seen the best of the sportsmen acing their game with specific sports accessories that they prefer on the field. From Virat Kohli to Sania Mirza, every player laces up the footwear specifically designed for the sport.

Over time every shoe brand has come up with staple technologies and designs for all their models to cater to the need for high-performance sports shoes. As technologies evolve and research panned out across various specialisms, shared experience from these has significantly helped brands to merge concepts and designs and benefit from their performance.

Deviating from the needs of a specific sport may make you end up being uncomfortable or injured. For example, if you are training for a sprint, you would want your sports shoes to have enough cushioning to help you absorb the shock while running. Likewise, for all sports footwear, there are specific technology and design needs that you need to consider before making a purchase.

To help you cut through the immense clutter, below we have narrowed down a few sports footwear by Asics that you can consider for your various sports’ needs. Let’s dive in!


Most of the innovation comes in for running shoes since these are the ones that have the highest demand. While going for a pair of running shoes, you need to consider it’s cushioning first. Since running has lateral movement, your foot requires optimum support under your foot to provide impact protection while running. Any good running shoe must have a high-quality cushioning system that gives you lightweight breathability.

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Training shoes have a lot of design aspects from various sports since training includes is a wide range of movement from jumping to changing directions swiftly. For an all-in-one pair of gym shoes, you must consider heel support, cushioning, and its capability to provide you extra space to expand around your forefoot. It must have a comfortable upper region with a flexible midsole and must be light-weight for easy and efficient multi-directional movement.

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Very near to the design and technology of training shoes, cricket shoes too is a blend of various sports needs as cricket involves a wide range of movement. Look for a pair of shoes that comes with a high-quality material on the upper surface, mostly microfiber, polyethylene (PU) amongst others. These materials are light-weight and last longer no matter what surface the shoes are used on. The shoes must provide you proper cushioning, stability to manage the impact, ventilation to give some breathability. In the case of batting, you can go for half spiked shoes and in the case of bowling, you must consider full spikes so that they offer you proper grip and stability.

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Since the court sports like tennis, basketball, etc involve high impact while playing, tennis shoes need traction and stability to support the wearer in multi-directional movement. Tennis shoes require higher durability since playing on hard courts quickly wears down the shoes. Durability needs might weigh down the shoes, considering this, shoes now include abrasion-resistant technologies around the toe and on the sides so that the shoes can hold up to the impact and pressure of play. Apart from this, tennis shoes also require cushioning to provide support while moving unilaterally.

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Among all the key aspects to consider before buying any sports shoes, shoe size plays the biggest role in a comfortable fit. A size up or down can cause you immense discomfort and even may lead to injuries. To get the best expert guidance, you can also find the nearest Asics store and bring home the best pair of sports shoes you have been eyeing!


Be your feet be naturally wide or in general needs some extra room to breathe while running, finding the right fit for you is essential to keep your feet healthy and happy.

Feeling cramped up, toes rubbing against each other, getting regular blisters, are definite signs that you need to upgrade your running shoes to get some extra space. Amongst these signs, if you can see the structure of your feet and toes pushing against the shoe fabric and the mesh on the upper side of your shoes tend to wear off really fast, you have a case of wide feet on your hand.

To give yourself a big relief, be it a pair of running shoes for women or jogging shoes for men, you need to find the right fit for yourself.

Here are some key factors you need to consider before making the right purchase.

Identify your movement

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the kind of activity or function you are going to perform, according to which you can decide on the design you need for your running shoes. For example, if you are a jogger, a pair of well-cushioned wide-toe space shoes would do, but if you were a trail runner, you would need a pair that can withstand movement on a hard and rocky surface.

Size up

Running shoes generally should run half a size up to give you this extra space you need while running. Naturally when you run your toes expand constantly, which means you ideally need extra room near the toe area to get a comfortable fit. Always try your shoes on while wearing your socks, that will help you get the perfect measure according to your foot size.

Check the toe box

While running feet tend to swell up, which requires some extra space to provide your feet some breathability. To give your toes some room to wriggle, you should look for a wider toe box, it also helps avoid rubbing and chafing. It’s not necessary that every wide-foot runner will need a wider toe box, but if you have some foot conditions like bunions, hammertoes, etc, then this extra space can help make a big difference.

Go for durable materials

A wide-footed runner often has to deal with mesh uppers wearing out frequently. To avoid this, you should look for running shoes that are constructed with durable materials and have a wider sole, which will help in letting the upper mesh of the shoe last a bit longer.

Try on shoes with your orthotics

If you wear orthotics like toe wraps, toe splints, toe separators, or any other products to prevent hammertoes, they generally take up some room in your shoes while wearing them. Even if you try to adjust by removing the existing insoles, you still may need to get a bigger shoe size to compensate for the extra space taken. The best way to get the right fit is to try on the shoes while wearing your orthotics.

Get a professional fitting

The best way to get the right fit is to consider a professional fitting with a running shoe expert as they will be able to guide you to get the right design according to your needs.

Wide feet should not let you from enjoying your favorite sport. To begin with, you can any day shop for lightweight running shoes online to find out what suits you the best. Visit Asics India to explore a wide range of running shoes.

What You Need To Learn About the Science of Running

Running may seem as normal and regular as anything that we do. Human beings have been running for a long time, for different purposes in different periods in time, and in the time that we live today, running is mostly only done as a form of exercise or movement. Running is second nature to some people, and some others may need to put in more effort to be able to run well and enjoy it. Why does running seem relatively easy to some and seem difficult to some others? What are some things that professional runners know that regular runners don’t?

Approaching any activity that we do scientifically significantly changes the way we do it and the results we derive from it. Running is no different. Learning the science behind running will help you understand various aspects of it that you probably have been ignoring, and in turn, may be affecting your performance. For instance, forces have a significant effect on the ability to run. Gravity pulls us down to the ground, our muscles work to propel us forward, and air drag slows us down. This and some physiological factors of running that you may not know may be holding you back from being the runner you want to be.

Read on to understand some scientific terms related to running and their meanings, to help you increase performance and endurance and minimize injuries.

VO2 max and Genetics

VO2 max is one of the most important factors to understand when you learn about the science of running. It is the maximum amount of oxygen that the body can absorb and use during exercise. When looking to increase aerobic fitness, improve endurance and efficiency in performance, one should look at maximising one’s VO2 max or the oxygen uptake. While this can be done through training, VO2 max is to a large extend, determined genetically. Increasing aerobic fitness also depends on the genetic makeup of the aerobic muscle fibres. Hence, understanding the science behind how genes affect the way you run can help increase running endurance.

Lactate threshold

Understanding lactate threshold and training accordingly is another technique that professional runners do to improve their running efficiency. As opposed to the largely genetic nature of VO2 max, the lactate threshold in a person can be increased with a good personalized training programme. The lactate threshold is a point at which the body produces more lactate than it can absorb or expel. This usually happens during high-intensity exercises, like running. When this point is reached during running, the runner is fatigued quickly and will have to slow down. Having a higher lactate threshold implies that a person can continue to run at good paces for a longer time, without being exhausted.

Understanding the meaning of lactate threshold and using it to maximise endurance is important.

Do Running Shoes Cushioning Cause or Prevent Injury?

If you have been a runner for some time now, you may have inevitably used or at least heard of other runners using cushioned running shoes. Ultra-cushioned running shoes have become extremely popular among regular runners in the recent past, though they were originally used by professional runners.

As a result, major players in the shoe industry have rolled out countless number and varieties of padded shoes for running, citing various benefits. The perks being claimed were also backed by the health industry which only increased the acceptance of cushioned shoes.  Cushions shoes are said to increase comfort during your run, aid performance and prevent running injuries. While runners vouch for it increasing comfort, whether cushioned shoes really prevent injuries is a question that many runners and health experts have been pondering upon of late.

Given the wide acceptance and fame enjoyed by heavily padded shoes, or ‘maximalist’ shoes, whether they aid in preventing injury or cause more injuries is a debate worth having. Read on to understand some misconceptions that you may have about both heavily padded shoes and minimalist, thin-soled shoes and in causing injuries.

Some of the arguments against using heavily padded shoes directly attack the claims that they make in injury prevention and impact reduction. In reducing joint impact, studies reveal that cushioned shoes only make runners feel as though the impact is reduced, because of the shock absorption that is offered by the padding. In reality, experts say, that this leads to runners being careless with their landing, because of the reduced sensation of the impact felt. This can lead to long-term impacts on the joints and tissues because when the foot placement is done without considering the impact it will have, weight distribution is disrupted.

 Further, thickly padded shoes are naturally more restricting and rigid. This translates into your muscles being able to do less work as compared to wearing minimalist shoes. Arguments against maximalist shoes say that this property of cushioned shoes leads to the deterioration of muscles. Naturally, weaker muscles are more prone to injury.

On the flip side, experts say that avoiding cushioning or padding altogether is not the answer either. The solution to the possible ill-effects of maximalist shoes is to find an adequate amount of padding. Most studies that argue that padded shoes do not prevent injury speaks specifically about heavily padded shoes. As opposed to this, a moderately padded pair of running shoe will help prevent injury, along with other benefits that cushioned shoes offer.

The comfort that cushioned shoes offer is unparalleled, and this is especially important for people that have previously sustained injuries. It is also known to result in higher performance, as a direct result of being more comfortable than minimalist shoes. Maximalist shoes have proven to reduce injury in high-performance runners, who almost always run a longer distance at a faster pace. The plush and cushioning effect provided by maximalist shoes absorb impact forces much more efficiently than minimalist shoes or going barefoot and hence reduces the risk of injury by a significant margin.

Having established all these facts and findings, it has to be said that no two people have the exact same experience with cushioned or non-cushioned shoes. The importance of trying out multiple varieties of shoes and choosing the one that serves you the best should be reinforced here. So, don’t hesitate to take your time and be patient with trying and testing new shoes.

ASICS Curved Rocker Soles for smooth transitions – Metaride and Glideride

The design of a running shoe can come in many forms, each of which has an impact on the user’s experience. A number of companies have released shoes with a “curved” or a “rocker” configuration in recent years, which rolls the wearer’s foot forward as they land.

The idea behind this sort of construction is to make running feel easier and more effective. Before you consider buying a curved rocker soled running shoe, you must understand how it works. The rounded form of a rockered midsole, like that of a rocking chair, aids in rolling the runner forward across their stride. Think of how a rocking chair works and how it needs less energy to be tilted than a normal chair. The energy-saving property of rocking chairs is also derived from this simple motion.

ASICS India has introduced two such curved rocker soled shoes, to make running significantly easier and effortlessly longer – the Metaride and the Glideride. Both these shoes are the perfect ones for you if you are looking for running shoes that can make every step of the run more enjoyable and easier for you. Each of these shoes promises to bring something different and game-changing to your training. Read on to decide which one is best for you.

ASICS Metaride is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for shoes that will help you train for long-distance running. It is made using many of the innovative technologies of ASICS, including the Guidesole, the Flytefoam and the Gel technologies. The working of these three technologies in the midsole of Metaride is what helps the runner feel less tired after a long run.

The Guidesole of the Metaride has a one-of-a-kind shape. It has a more curved shape than other ASICS models. This is what helps to save energy and keep the body going forward by reducing excessive ankle movement. In the heel, there are a couple of pieces of GEL cushioning to help withstand the force of foot hits. Two foam layers are sandwiched between the GEL cushioning. The firmer FlyteFoam Lyte layer is on top of the midsole, while the more cushioned and flexible FlyteFoam Propel layer is on the bottom.

The shoe features a knitted upper, and the great thing about it is that you don’t even really notice it because of its quality. It is very dense and highly breathable, has an extremely comfortable fit, and while there’s plenty of protection in the midfoot, there is still enough space for toe-splay in the forefoot. This shoe is a great investment if you are looking for something new and exciting in your running journey.

ASICS Glideride is a shoe that is based on the same principles as the Metaride is. While is a newer model,  is also built with the intention to help runners run for longer without ending up too fatigued. It comes under the ‘energy saving’ category of running shoes. This ASICS shoe that has a new style is a well-cushioned, stable, and energising shoe with a distinctly curved or rockered geometry and noticeably firm midsole/outsole chassis. This shoe is made to create a rolling experience with every stride you take. The GlideRide’s ultimate goal is to assist runners in running longer distances with less effort. This shoe also features the Guidesole technology, made with an innovative rockered sole design to create a landing zone that is incredibly shock absorbing. A firm layer of Flytefoam Lyte technology provides cushioning and structure, while a soft, bouncy layer of Flytefoam Propel technology provides a soft, bouncy feel to the sole. Glideride also incorporates the Gel technology that enhances cushioning in the heel for a comfortable feel.

There are no restrictive overlays on the upper of the running shoe, but it is protected by two internal underlays on the lateral surface and is lightly strengthened at the toe border. No matter how your foot reaches the ground, the GlideRide gives off a noticeably rolling trip that generates forward acceleration while in motion. The solid, curved midsole generates progressive momentum. 

Both Metaride and Glideride are great running shoes, especially if you are looking to run long-distance runs. Anyone who can appreciate the extremely smooth functionality and great cushioning both these shoes offer, will love them.

5 Epic Running Shoes For All Kinds of Runs

If you have been running for some time now, you already know the importance of having the right shoes for it. The right shoes not only make your running journey more comfortable, but it is also instrumental in increasing your performance and running efficiency. Further, having the right pair of running shoes becomes crucial in preventing injuries.

One of the most common mistakes that beginners make when buying running shoes is forgetting to consider which kind of running shoes to buy. There is a shoe for all kinds of run. If you are a beginner and you are confused as to which running shoes to buy for different kinds of runs, keep reading. Here are 5 shoes you can use for different kinds of runs.

  • ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 is the only pair of daily trainers you will ever need. This pair incorporates the Dynamic Duomax technology for optimum support and to prevent overpronation, and the Space Trusstic technology which provides stability and helps incredibly with transitions. The Gel-Kayano 27 model is a great option for both competitive and non-competitive runners looking for a comfortable and supportive daily trainer.
  • The Gel Scram 5 from shoe is perfect for all your trail running needs. It features the multi-surface grip technology which will help you conquer all hard terrains on your run. No matter how far you go, the Amplifoam midsole offers improved cushioning for a safe ride. The no-sew midfoot panel adds extra support by locking the foot down on the platform for long-lasting results. Meanwhile, the Gel technology in the rearfoot provides outstanding support when you walk. The Gel-Scram 5 shoe also has a mesh upper for increased airflow and a removable Ortholite sockliner for moisture control.
  • ASICS Gel Nimbus Lite 2 -Runners know that pronation is a part of the running journey. However, extreme pronation can be harmful, and may limit your ability to run. Every runner needs a stability shoe with good cushioning that can provide great comfort and also limit pronation. The Gel Nimbus lite 2 is one of the best shoes to provide maximum stability to neutral runners. While the first of version of this series emphasised the importance of combining a soft and lightweight design, this version continues in that vein while providing an even smoother cushioning experience.
  • ASICS Metaracer- Every runner needs a shoe they can bank on during race days. You don’t have to look beyond the Metaracer for this. The Metaracer Is packed with the fastest technology yet, designed to offer smooth landings and efficient take – offs. FlyteFoam in the midsole cushions each landing while preserving energy, resulting in a springy return with each step forward. The Metaracer has the grip you need to generate power with each turn, in addition to high-tech speed.
  • Dynaflyte lightweight trainers from ASICS India are for every runner looking to pick up their running pace. DynaFlyte model is a new addition to the Running lineup, and it’s all about pace. Designed to embody the flexibility of lightweight FlyteFoam midsole technology, speed runners now have more options than ever before: an incredibly light, super fast shoe with durable super fibres that provide a lengthy, comfortable cushioning experience – a challenge that many other speed running shoes have yet to address.

When you invest in running shoes, you must make sure that you get a pair that will not only help you feel comfortable, but also aid you in increasing your running efficiency and overall performance. Moreover, choose running shoes that will prevent injuries and are long-lasting.

The Best Compression Tights for Men and Women

If you are someone who just began running, you may be wondering what kind of clothing would be best for the activity. Clothing is one of t he most important components of your running gear. The type of clothing you use and the quality of it will have a great impact on the ease and efficiency of your runs.

Compression clothing is the best kind of clothing you can choose for any kind of workout, but especially for your runs. Compression tights and tops help you increase your performance while you exercise and at the same time, makes your workout seem easier.

ASICS India brings to you running pants for men and women, through their quality running gear. ASICS compression wear and running tights for women has an exclusive line of running gear under two separate categories of ‘tights’ and ‘Capri tights’.

For men, check out the category of ‘pants’ under clothing, where you will find compression tights like Finish Advantage 2 and Finish Advantage tights.

Why should you choose compression tights from ASICS for your run?

Compression tights are best known for their ability to aid performance enhancement in runners by helping the delivery of oxygen to your muscles more efficiently. The circulation of oxygenated blood to your muscles is particularly important during your workout. This is because when there is a lack of oxygen, your body produces lactic acid. Lactic acid is the main reason we feel excess fatigue and exhaustion during workouts.

Apart from this main function, some of the other benefits that compression tights offer are:

  • Protection during harsh weathers, as compression tights are made of a material that help regulate the body temperature. They are suitable for both cold and warm weather. Some compression tights are also made to be waterproof.
  • Compression tights provide increased stability while working out, by supporting muscles and applying pressure to the right muscles.
  • Extra comfort, which normal tights cannot provide. Regular, loose clothing while working out may also be a hindrance during movement and may cause chaffing on your body parts.
  • Can help reduce muscle vibrations and in turn reduce the soreness and pain you feel after each workout.
  • Increased performance as compression tights offer wind resistance, and help increase speed and efficiency- they have an aerodynamic property.
  • Aids in the healing and repairing of sore and torn muscles by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood into the muscles.

7 Running Shoes to Accomplish Your Winter Miles

Consistent running, especially for people who have just begun running is a challenge that takes time to overcome. This challenge becomes more difficult during harsh weathers. While running during warm weathers poses risks of its own, it is considerably more difficult to run during rough winters.

First of all, just garnering enough motivation to pick yourself off your warm and cozy bed on a cold morning requires a great amount of mental strength. And say you have trained yourself over a period of time to have enough will power to do this and you are very passionate about running. It is still a challenge to actually run your usual miles with the efficiency you normally achieve, during the winter.

This is why running gear that is exclusively made for winters is important. You must invest in good workout gear – including tights, tops, headcaps, socks and gloves for running during the winter. However, the most important running gear that you will have to buy for yourself during the winter is a good pair of shoes.

You need shoes that can keep you warm, help you increase your performance, protect your feet from the harsh weather and moisture, and also in general keep you motivated to run during the extremely cold days.

Here is a compilation of 7 best running shoes from ASICS India that you must have during the winter, to keep running and keep conquering those miles.

  • Gel Kayano 27 – this shoe offers superior comfort and and incredible stability while keeping your feet warm with a light mesh material. This also provides appropriate ventilation for your feet.
ASICS Gel Kayano 27
  • Gel Cumulus 22 – One of the best shoes for those lazy winter mornings, this shoe is waterproof and made to run on wet and cold climates. It also provides excellent shock absorption and keeps your feet warm and dry.
ASICS Gel Cumulus 22
  • Gel Pulse 12 – Available for both men and women, this shoes will motivate you to get right off your bed and go on that morning run, even in the cold weather. Provides perfect amount of cushioning, comfort and stability while protecting your feet from the rough weather.
Asics Gel Pulse 12
  • Metaride – This shoe is an all-time favourite of all runners, regardless of the weather condition. Metaride lets you achieve all your miles even during winter, with its extremely comfortable cushioning and great traction.
Asics metaride
  • Gel Fit Sana 3 – This shoe is your best bet during winter, as it helps you achieve maximum motion on the foot. This makes it seem easier for you to run on mornings that seem difficult. Also provides extreme comfort while keeping your body warm.
Asics Gel Fit Sana 3
  • Fit Yui Se – Featuring a high abrasion rubber sole, this shoe provides extreme traction and stability for your runs on the marshy and wet surfaces during winter. They are also lightweight and will not feel too bulky on your feet.
Asics Fit Yui Se
  • Metaracer – Especially loved by fast-paced runners, this shoe is created keeping in mind its use in all weathers. The upper allows air to flow as freely as possible, ensuring proper ventilation while also providing temperature control to keep your body and feet warm.
Asics Metaracer

The 10 Best ASICS Sports Shoes

If you are a sportsperson, or just someone who actively engages in sports for fun and fitness, you will be interested in sports gear. The most important sports gear that you should have is shoes. Shoes affect the quality of your performance and makes sure that you stay away from discomfort and injuries.

When it comes to shoes, there is no one factor that will decide which pair will work best for you. ASICS sports shoes are known to be ones that fit unique needs, all while providing maximum comfort and aiding effective performance.


Here is a list of the best sports shoes in India, so that you can choose the ones that suit your needs the best.

Best Sports Shoes for Women Under 10000

1. MetaRun

Featuring a host of superior technologies to make running as efficient and comfortable as it can possibly get, MetaRun is your best fit if you are into long distance running. Check this shoe out here.


2. Gel Rocket- 8

If you are a beginner or an intermediate sportsperson, this is your ideal choice. One of the best indoor sports shoe, it features Get Technology for cushioning comfort and the Trusstic system technology for great stability and traction.


3. Upcourt 3

This shoe is undoubtedly yours if you are aiming for a power-packed performance in the volleyball court. Designed keeping in mind ultimate comfort and unparalleled support, this shoe features an EVA midsole and removable sockliner.


Best Sports Shoes for Men Under 10000

Gel Nimbus 22

Run on clouds with the all new Gel Nimbus 22, featuring superior cushioning with Flytefoam technology. It also provides increased breathability for long distance running and keeps you cool.



This shoe is made for those of you who loves fast-paced running and training. It features the Guidesole technology for optimum toe-spring shape and to attain maximum efficiency. These shoes are also made in a way that keeps you cool during your run.



Metaride is a performance road running shoe, made to enhance your running. It offers that extra cushioning and comfort that you need to conquer the next several miles effortlessly.


Gel Kayano 27

One of the best shoes for running that combines support, stability and comfort, the Gel Kayano 27 for men features three exclusive technologies to achieve maximum performance. Also comes with variants that features reflective properties, for best low-light or night time running.


Gel Scram

This shoe is best for trail running and hiking, and features Amplifoam midsole, Gel technology and Ortholine sockliner to give you the multi-surface grip that you need.


Gel Rocket 10

Be the best performer in court by using these shoes while playing tennis, or any other indoor sports.  Provides maximum support and ease of movement with gel cushioning and technology that offers great stability.


Court Slide

The men’s Court Slide offers extreme comfort and support, with added agility. Be assured that your landing will be as smooth and comfortable as can be and aim for all those perfect shots.


The Best Workout Shoes for Indoor training and Running

The pandemic changed life as we knew it for all of us. It taught us to do all our tasks from home, including our workout. A lot of us could not go to our gyms to workout or for our regular runs outside, and have had to resort to finding some alternative form or movement from inside the walls of our compound.

This was also the time that we realized that running on a treadmill or working out from home is not all that bad an idea. However, you will need an ideal pair of indoor shoes to be able to carry out this activity efficiently at home. Shoes that you use outside for your gym and your long runs may not be the best to use indoors.

ASICS has an exclusive line of workout shoes for indoors, for men and women. Here is a list of the best ASICS indoor training shoes.

Indoor Shoes for Women Under 10000

ASICS UPCOURT 3 – One of the most preferred indoor workout shoes, it offers:

  • The perfect amount of cushioning
  • Shock absorption allowing for perfect landing.
  • Effortless transition
  • Enhanced performance
  • Contemporary design

ASICS GEL ROCKET 8 – Incorporating superior ASICS gel technology, this pair of indoor training shoe provides:

  • Forefoot Gel Cushioning System for extreme comfort and shock proof during movement
  • Trusstic system technology that makes the shoes lightweight and helps achieve stability in movement
  • Incredible fit and increased traction

Indoor Shoes for Men Under 10000

COURT FF NOVAK MEN STANDARD – The all new Court FF Novak is limited model is exclusively made for the Indian market. It features:

  • Flytefoam Technology for increased comfort with every stride
  • Trusstic System Technology for excellent stability and improved flexibility
  • PGUARD Toe protector to avoid injuries

GEL QUEST FF – Perfect for running on a treadmill and working out inside, this shoe features:

  • Flytefoam Midsole Technology for incredible bounce back and responsiveness
  • Rearoot Technology for shock absorption and smooth transitions
  • Dynatruss Trustic Technology for maximum comfort and high breathability