The Best Compression Tights for Men and Women

If you are someone who just began running, you may be wondering what kind of clothing would be best for the activity. Clothing is one of t he most important components of your running gear. The type of clothing you use and the quality of it will have a great impact on the ease and efficiency of your runs.

Compression clothing is the best kind of clothing you can choose for any kind of workout, but especially for your runs. Compression tights and tops help you increase your performance while you exercise and at the same time, makes your workout seem easier.

ASICS India brings to you running pants for men and women, through their quality running gear. ASICS compression wear and running tights for women has an exclusive line of running gear under two separate categories of ‘tights’ and ‘Capri tights’.

For men, check out the category of ‘pants’ under clothing, where you will find compression tights like Finish Advantage 2 and Finish Advantage tights.

Why should you choose compression tights from ASICS for your run?

Compression tights are best known for their ability to aid performance enhancement in runners by helping the delivery of oxygen to your muscles more efficiently. The circulation of oxygenated blood to your muscles is particularly important during your workout. This is because when there is a lack of oxygen, your body produces lactic acid. Lactic acid is the main reason we feel excess fatigue and exhaustion during workouts.

Apart from this main function, some of the other benefits that compression tights offer are:

  • Protection during harsh weathers, as compression tights are made of a material that help regulate the body temperature. They are suitable for both cold and warm weather. Some compression tights are also made to be waterproof.
  • Compression tights provide increased stability while working out, by supporting muscles and applying pressure to the right muscles.
  • Extra comfort, which normal tights cannot provide. Regular, loose clothing while working out may also be a hindrance during movement and may cause chaffing on your body parts.
  • Can help reduce muscle vibrations and in turn reduce the soreness and pain you feel after each workout.
  • Increased performance as compression tights offer wind resistance, and help increase speed and efficiency- they have an aerodynamic property.
  • Aids in the healing and repairing of sore and torn muscles by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood into the muscles.

7 Running Shoes to Accomplish Your Winter Miles

Consistent running, especially for people who have just begun running is a challenge that takes time to overcome. This challenge becomes more difficult during harsh weathers. While running during warm weathers poses risks of its own, it is considerably more difficult to run during rough winters.

First of all, just garnering enough motivation to pick yourself off your warm and cozy bed on a cold morning requires a great amount of mental strength. And say you have trained yourself over a period of time to have enough will power to do this and you are very passionate about running. It is still a challenge to actually run your usual miles with the efficiency you normally achieve, during the winter.

This is why running gear that is exclusively made for winters is important. You must invest in good workout gear – including tights, tops, headcaps, socks and gloves for running during the winter. However, the most important running gear that you will have to buy for yourself during the winter is a good pair of shoes.

You need shoes that can keep you warm, help you increase your performance, protect your feet from the harsh weather and moisture, and also in general keep you motivated to run during the extremely cold days.

Here is a compilation of 7 best running shoes from ASICS India that you must have during the winter, to keep running and keep conquering those miles.

  • Gel Kayano 27 – this shoe offers superior comfort and and incredible stability while keeping your feet warm with a light mesh material. This also provides appropriate ventilation for your feet.
ASICS Gel Kayano 27
  • Gel Cumulus 22 – One of the best shoes for those lazy winter mornings, this shoe is waterproof and made to run on wet and cold climates. It also provides excellent shock absorption and keeps your feet warm and dry.
ASICS Gel Cumulus 22
  • Gel Pulse 12 – Available for both men and women, this shoes will motivate you to get right off your bed and go on that morning run, even in the cold weather. Provides perfect amount of cushioning, comfort and stability while protecting your feet from the rough weather.
Asics Gel Pulse 12
  • Metaride – This shoe is an all-time favourite of all runners, regardless of the weather condition. Metaride lets you achieve all your miles even during winter, with its extremely comfortable cushioning and great traction.
Asics metaride
  • Gel Fit Sana 3 – This shoe is your best bet during winter, as it helps you achieve maximum motion on the foot. This makes it seem easier for you to run on mornings that seem difficult. Also provides extreme comfort while keeping your body warm.
Asics Gel Fit Sana 3
  • Fit Yui Se – Featuring a high abrasion rubber sole, this shoe provides extreme traction and stability for your runs on the marshy and wet surfaces during winter. They are also lightweight and will not feel too bulky on your feet.
Asics Fit Yui Se
  • Metaracer – Especially loved by fast-paced runners, this shoe is created keeping in mind its use in all weathers. The upper allows air to flow as freely as possible, ensuring proper ventilation while also providing temperature control to keep your body and feet warm.
Asics Metaracer

The 10 Best ASICS Sports Shoes

If you are a sportsperson, or just someone who actively engages in sports for fun and fitness, you will be interested in sports gear. The most important sports gear that you should have is shoes. Shoes affect the quality of your performance and makes sure that you stay away from discomfort and injuries.

When it comes to shoes, there is no one factor that will decide which pair will work best for you. ASICS sports shoes are known to be ones that fit unique needs, all while providing maximum comfort and aiding effective performance.


Here is a list of the best sports shoes in India, so that you can choose the ones that suit your needs the best.

Best Sports Shoes for Women Under 10000

1. MetaRun

Featuring a host of superior technologies to make running as efficient and comfortable as it can possibly get, MetaRun is your best fit if you are into long distance running. Check this shoe out here.


2. Gel Rocket- 8

If you are a beginner or an intermediate sportsperson, this is your ideal choice. One of the best indoor sports shoe, it features Get Technology for cushioning comfort and the Trusstic system technology for great stability and traction.


3. Upcourt 3

This shoe is undoubtedly yours if you are aiming for a power-packed performance in the volleyball court. Designed keeping in mind ultimate comfort and unparalleled support, this shoe features an EVA midsole and removable sockliner.


Best Sports Shoes for Men Under 10000

Gel Nimbus 22

Run on clouds with the all new Gel Nimbus 22, featuring superior cushioning with Flytefoam technology. It also provides increased breathability for long distance running and keeps you cool.



This shoe is made for those of you who loves fast-paced running and training. It features the Guidesole technology for optimum toe-spring shape and to attain maximum efficiency. These shoes are also made in a way that keeps you cool during your run.



Metaride is a performance road running shoe, made to enhance your running. It offers that extra cushioning and comfort that you need to conquer the next several miles effortlessly.


Gel Kayano 27

One of the best shoes for running that combines support, stability and comfort, the Gel Kayano 27 for men features three exclusive technologies to achieve maximum performance. Also comes with variants that features reflective properties, for best low-light or night time running.


Gel Scram

This shoe is best for trail running and hiking, and features Amplifoam midsole, Gel technology and Ortholine sockliner to give you the multi-surface grip that you need.


Gel Rocket 10

Be the best performer in court by using these shoes while playing tennis, or any other indoor sports.  Provides maximum support and ease of movement with gel cushioning and technology that offers great stability.


Court Slide

The men’s Court Slide offers extreme comfort and support, with added agility. Be assured that your landing will be as smooth and comfortable as can be and aim for all those perfect shots.


The Best Workout Shoes for Indoor training and Running

The pandemic changed life as we knew it for all of us. It taught us to do all our tasks from home, including our workout. A lot of us could not go to our gyms to workout or for our regular runs outside, and have had to resort to finding some alternative form or movement from inside the walls of our compound.

This was also the time that we realized that running on a treadmill or working out from home is not all that bad an idea. However, you will need an ideal pair of indoor shoes to be able to carry out this activity efficiently at home. Shoes that you use outside for your gym and your long runs may not be the best to use indoors.

ASICS has an exclusive line of workout shoes for indoors, for men and women. Here is a list of the best ASICS indoor training shoes.

Indoor Shoes for Women Under 10000

ASICS UPCOURT 3 – One of the most preferred indoor workout shoes, it offers:

  • The perfect amount of cushioning
  • Shock absorption allowing for perfect landing.
  • Effortless transition
  • Enhanced performance
  • Contemporary design

ASICS GEL ROCKET 8 – Incorporating superior ASICS gel technology, this pair of indoor training shoe provides:

  • Forefoot Gel Cushioning System for extreme comfort and shock proof during movement
  • Trusstic system technology that makes the shoes lightweight and helps achieve stability in movement
  • Incredible fit and increased traction

Indoor Shoes for Men Under 10000

COURT FF NOVAK MEN STANDARD – The all new Court FF Novak is limited model is exclusively made for the Indian market. It features:

  • Flytefoam Technology for increased comfort with every stride
  • Trusstic System Technology for excellent stability and improved flexibility
  • PGUARD Toe protector to avoid injuries

GEL QUEST FF – Perfect for running on a treadmill and working out inside, this shoe features:

  • Flytefoam Midsole Technology for incredible bounce back and responsiveness
  • Rearoot Technology for shock absorption and smooth transitions
  • Dynatruss Trustic Technology for maximum comfort and high breathability

Injuries every runner faces and how to prevent them

ASICS Metaracer

Each year, several runners are unable to make it to the marathon for which they have been training- for months altogether.

Why, you ask? – Because they all would be recovering from the running injuries they suffered in their training period. Research regarding injuries has brought to light that while there is no magic mantra that runners can follow to avoid injuries (owing to the difference in frameworks and anatomies of each runner), there are common ways which a majority of runners may use to prevent some injuries.

The best medical advice I have gotten when it came to running injuries (and pretty much any other avoidable harm) was that prevention is better and easier than cure. If you are a pro runner, you may be able to relate to this all too well. If you are a beginner, read on to understand the kind of injuries you may get running and how you can actively prevent them.

Tight Iliotibial Band – More commonly referred to as IT Band Syndrome, this is an injury that runners suffer with due to weak muscles of the gluteal, hip and abdominal areas. The IT band is a connective tissue that helps in keeping your knees steady while walking or running. A tight IT band may result in sharp pain on your leg, especially above the knees.

Sprains – Runners usually suffer from ankle sprains. Ankle sprains are a common injury that happens to runners when they overstrain their ligaments or land on their foot incorrectly. Sprains cause swelling, pain and difficulty in moving.


Runner’s Knee – A runner’s knee can be caused by weak hips or weak leg muscles, coupled with overuse or overstraining of muscles. It causes pain around the kneecap and on the knee. This condition can be serious if ignored and not treated well.

Shin Splints – Shin splints are quite common and are experienced by runners that attempt to run too long too fast. It causes pain along and near the shinbone, on your lower leg. It can be treated easily but should not be ignored and can progress quickly.

Now that we have looked at some of the most commonly faced running injuries, how they are caused and what kind of harm they do, let us also look at how to prevent them. Injuries are most often caused by carelessness and overtraining, so pay attention to these golden rules to avoid getting injured while you train.

  1. Warm-up

This point cannot be stressed enough. Your muscles need to be woken up and warmed before you plunge right into your 30-minute run. Running without warming up is reason enough for injury, even if you do everything else right. You need to warm up for at least 5 minutes, even on a warm day. Plan a warmup exercise that will give your entire body a good stretch. Hint: Yoga.

  • Strength training

Most of the injuries you read above have ‘weak muscles’ as a pivotal cause. Strong muscles protect against a variety of injuries, aside from increasing your endurance and stamina to run long distances. Lift some weight and train all those muscle groups. A strong body provides incredible impact against injuries, and if you are training for a big run, there is nothing like strength training to prepare you for it. Come up with a workout plan that targets all your muscles and train religiously.

  • Consciously improve Posture

Another trigger for injuries is bad posture. An overly arched back, bent upper back, consistently landing too hard on your foot can all welcome injuries all too quickly. Every time you run, make sure your posture is right. Maintain a good, comfortable posture by keeping your back straight, head and neck straight, and swinging arms back and forth while you run. A good posture prevents many injuries.

  • Footwear

Wearing the right shoes is crucial to prevent running injuries. The golden rule that runners swear by is to get shoes that you actually feel comfortable in and one that does not put stress on any part of your foot. Try out a couple of pairs and figure out what works best for you. No one model will work best for everyone. Remember the keyword: Comfort.

ASICS India makes running shoes that are made using Gel Technology- to enhance comfort and prevent injury through rearfoot and forefoot cushioning. Check out different versions of these shoes to find one that is best for you.

Indoor Running Workout Shoes and Tips

So many runners have vouched for indoor running and said that it can be just as effective and enjoyable as running outside is. For the longest time, every time I had to resort to indoor training a.k.a running on a treadmill, I dreaded it. I dreaded it long and hard until I found the hack.

 You do a couple of things right and running on a treadmill can be just as magical as running trails. One of the first things you will need if you plan on running indoors is, you guessed it- running shoes!

A good pair of indoor training shoes will take you a long way (literally) on a treadmill. Let me guide you to where you can buy excellent indoor running shoes from and then we can talk about how to maximise your efficiency and morale when you have to run on a treadmill.

ASICS India makes great shoes and has an exclusive line for indoor use. They have indoor shoes for both men and women. What sets ASICS India apart from any of the other brands I have used:

Gel Technology, which makes all their running shoes extremely comfortable and supporting.

Let us look at some of the product features of ASICS India’s indoor shoes.

Indoor Shoes for Men

You can find the Gel Quest line of shoes from the category ‘Training & Gym’ shoes for Men. These shoes are :

  • Exclusively designed for indoor training, this series of shoes are perfect for running on a treadmill.
  • It is made using three distinct technologies:

1. the Flytefoam Midsole Technology which offers incredible bounce back and responsiveness,

2. the Rearfoot Gel Technology Cushioning System which acts as a shock absorber and allows for smooth transitions, and

3. the DYNATRUSS TRUSTIC TECHNOLOGY -ORTHOLITE SOCKLINER which offers maximum comfort and high breathability.

Indoor Shoes for Women

Upcourt 3 and Gel-Rocket 8 are indoor shoes curated exclusively for women. Along with these, under the training & Gym category, the Gel-fit Yui is also recommended for use while running on treadmills. Both of these categories provide:

  • the perfect amount of cushioning,
  • shock absorption and
  • effortless transition and in turn, help you enhance your performance.

Now that we have looked at the right shoes to be used while running indoors, let us look at some tips that will keep you motivated.

Personally, once I grew to like the whole ordeal, my favourite thing about running indoors was the fact that I didn’t have to miss a run because of the weather outside.

Following some basic tips can help you use the treadmill to your advantage, and I am sure that one day you will grow to love it.

  • Have everything you need handy and at your reach while using the treadmill. This will help you run continuously, and you will not lose your flow. You can use the cupholder to keep your phone, water bottle, towels and whatever else you may need.
  •  Make sure you are in a well-ventilated room or one that has an air conditioner. As you know, indoors will not provide you with the same kind of air that running trails will.
  • To add to this, wear clothes that let you breathe. Wear the bare minimum and do not layer up like you normally do for trail running.
  • Running on treadmills can get quite monotonous if you do not play around with the speed and the incline a little bit. Challenge yourself to run faster at times and make use of the incline feature on the treadmill. This will definitely prepare you better for trail running and running on slopes.
  •  While doing all this, make sure you are enjoying yourself. If you absolutely cannot enjoy the process, divert your attention to something else while you run. Watch a movie, read an article, listen to music, video call a fellow runner or do anything else to just keep you going.

ASICS Comfy Shoes – Lighter, more flexible and efficient to Achieve Training Success

If you are a runner, you must already know the importance of using the best quality training equipment and how it is a prerequisite to success. If you are a beginner who is considering becoming a runner, I am here to tell you to never underestimate the power of quality equipment- especially running shoes.

Running shoes are the first thing you should get your hands on if you are thinking of making running a permanent part of your life. Choosing the best pair can be quite the challenge, given the number of options out there.

India’s Best Sports Shoes Brand

ASICS India is one of the best brands out there and offers some of the most efficient training shoes, for each of your running needs. The speciality of the brand is providing runners comfort that is unrivalled, coupled with maximum efficiency and flexibility for easy training.

What sets ASICS India running shoes apart from most of the other brands I have used is their unique characteristic technology. ASICS India uses Gel Technology which results in increased comfort, more stability and ease of running to maximise efficiency.

Gel Technology works by strategically placing gel where it is most effective: rearfoot and forefoot. Gel Technology on the rearfoot decreases impact during heel strike and makes the transition as smooth as possible. Forefoot Gel technology works by increasing the shock reduction during forward movement.

Manufactured from inactive polymers to form silicone, each version of gel technology is curated to enhance complete cushioning and running. Let us look at some of the best versions

ASICS Gel-Quantum 360 Knit 2 model exhibits a unique combination of enhancing performance and excellent comfort. It offers maximum support through its rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning system so that you can power through every one of your high-performance runs and achieve those running milestones. It also has a lightweight midsole, adding to the level of comfort and ease of running.

Hypergel- KAN provides exceptional cushioning, unrivalled support and durability to your running experiences. This pair has is made using three unique technologies – the Hypergel Technology for comfort, the Mono- Sock Technology Fit System for support and the Heel Clutching System Technology to create an environment for enhanced support to your heels.

If there is a single external factor that could determine your success in the running world, your shoes would be it. You must select shoes that provide you with long term durability and comfort, flexibility, ease of running and support to your feet which will directly be responsible for achieving your running milestones.

How Running Milestones Can Improve Your Lifestyle

If you have recently started running, you may already be aware of the short-term benefits that running may have been giving you. It is no secret that running is one of the best forms of movement there is, and undoubtedly one that is fun and enjoyable. Runners have been raving about the ‘runner’s high’ for a very long time now and if you have taken to running, you will know exactly how that feels.

Running Milestones has become a big thing in the recent past, and for good reason. Runners who have got into the hang of running as a regular activity, are always looking to hit milestones. Both incorporating running into your regular life and working towards achieving your 5k and 10k milestones have proven to be incredibly advantageous to the lifestyles of people. There are researched and proven benefits that running has, from the very first day.

You may have taken to running to improve your physical health- to keep your weight in check, to build sustainable muscles or to improve your cardiovascular strength. Running does exactly this and so much more for your physical wellbeing. Studies show that from the very first time you start running, your body goes through a natural process of adjusting its functions. In other words, your body tunes itself. It helps in blood pressure regulation, regulation of insulin levels and almost immediately gives your metabolism levels an enhancement. It increases your energy levels, pushing you to stay active and productive throughout the day. Running daily for just about 15 minutes can make a huge difference to your life, helping you to breeze through activities you were struggling to fulfil earlier. I could go on all day about the physical benefits of running.  But if you are a runner, you already know all these.

My way of adding value to this conversation is by attempting to educate you on more than just the physical benefits of running. Let us talk about how running improves the overall quality of life. The overall quality of life depends on not just your physical health, but a majority of it depends on your mental well-being. You could be your best self physically, with your target body weight or the biggest muscles in the room but that still does not say whether you are a happy person or you are mentally, at peace. At the end of the day, peace and happiness are what we are all chasing, right?

The mental benefits exercise in general and running, in particular, have are multi-fold. The very first time you run, you are bound to realize a change in your mood. This is why runners often tie up their shoes and disappear into the streets when they feel low. They say that it also helps them think clearer, and more effectively. Running often instantaneously puts one in a better, calmer state of mind. As you keep running and working towards achieving those milestones, your body releases a hormone called endorphin. These are chemicals produced by your body that help you deal with and relieve pain and stress.

This is just the beginning. Research reveals that people that suffer from mental health issues such as panic attacks and anxiety disorders have benefitted tremendously from taking up running. In the long run, running milestones help you make more controlled, impactful decisions in your everyday life. By helping to cope with the stress of everyday life and making dealing with the curveballs that life throws your way every day, the act of running improves your decision-making skills.

Running regularly and pushing yourself to attain running milestones are known to reduce the deterioration of cognitive activity. This is especially important once you cross the age of thirty-five. It helps prevent the degeneration of important brain functions such as memory, thereby reducing your risks in developing cognitive disorders.

Just like writing about the physical benefits of running, I could go on and on about its effects on mental health too. But we have covered the best and most important of them.

When it comes to running, having the best running gear never hurts. I have been a religious user of running gear from ASICS India. Just like the mental and physical benefits of running, gear from ASICS is bound to improve your quality of life.

Your Favourite Fitness & Running App- Runkeeper

The recent influx of running apps has been overwhelming. Running apps being the go-to for runners to track their runs, it can get confusing to choose an app that not only works effectively, but also provides accurate data. 

An easy way to track miles, elevation, distance, pace, and location, running apps is the best way for runners to understand and improve their performance. Well, runners are at an advantage when it comes to tracking the various specifications of their run.

Runkeeper – a running app from the fitness brand Asics is your go-to solution to not only track the various numbers associated with running, but additional specs provided by the app give it an edge over other running apps. 

How does Runkeeper work?

The very first running app in the market, Runkeeper has only gotten better over the years. Available for both Android and iOS devices, this app is free to use. However, some features are exclusive for paid subscriptions. 

The app uses the sensors and the GPS sensors of your phone to provide very accurate information about the different aspects of the run. This information helps you set a goal and improve your run performance. It integrates with almost all devices like smartwatches and other fitness trackers. It also has an option to connect with fellow running enthusiasts and friends. 

Here are some reasons why the Asics running app is the favourite and preferred by runners worldwide. 

  • Ease of use

With an easy to use interface, the various features of the app can be used seamlessly. With almost all features readily accessible on the homepage and real-time tracking, this app tracks your run in real-time, giving you feedback as you run. 

  • Customisable design

Highly functional design provides a smooth user experience across all devices. With customisable statistics, runners can choose the activity they wish to do. Exact statistics help runners improve their performance by showing improvements in pace and the steps taken in lucid graphs. 

  • Set achievable goals 

Runkeeper provides the users with the option to choose the reason they are using the app. The reasons include options like ‘run more often,’ ‘run a race,’ ‘lose weight’ or ‘something else.’ Based on your reason, Runkeeper aids in setting an achievable goal. 

  • Advanced subscription options

Runkeeper has an advanced subscription option called Runkeeper Go. An advanced level feature provides additional comparisons and training plans to help achieve your running goals and improve your performance. 

For runners to improve their performance, a good tracking app is a must. But an excellent pair of running shoes is also essential. A right shoe can boost running performance while minimising the risk of injuries. It also helps athletes maintain their feet health. 

Asics not only aids runners in improving their performance using the Runkeeper app but also helps runners boost their performance with their Asics running shoes. Designed with runners in mind, their shoes help all athletes, including runners, support their feet while helping them achieve their goals. 

Their innovative design provides a superior comfort level while running with their soft cushioned midsoles and preventing the feet from wearing out. Their advanced technology has enabled them to develop a shoe that provides maximum arch support, essential for runners. 

Asics has always put their best feet forward with a legacy of 70 years. Their history of consistent improvements ensures that runners can always expect unparalleled service and quality that will only boost their potential.

With these twin forces by Asics, runners can get their A-game on and reach new performance levels quickly and with ease.

Running Routines For Those On A Time Crunch

Rushing off to drop kids at school? Striving to meet the deadline at work? Still, have to buy groceries while you head back home? Where are you going to fit your running schedule? Unfortunately, not all runners can devote their life to running and have to sneak some time out to run. However, if you have time to put on your running shoes, you can make time for some running too.

Running Routines In Time Crunch

But what about the “Golden Rules” of running? The stretching, the particular diet, cross-training, strength training, the fixed gaps between diets, everything plays a major role. However, the head coach at Strength Running, Jason Fitzgerald believes that most rules can be broken in running, except for a few. Also, he clarifies that breaking all the rules at all times is not the right way to go about it.

So, if you are on a time crunch, we have some coach recommended running routines that you can pull off. So, get your running shoes ready and hit the track.

Investing in a 30-minute running routine can be beneficial if you know your deal. A time crunch athlete can make the best out of 30 minutes of running and if you can, manage this routine twice a day. Also, your sportswear and running shoes play a significant role in maintaining a good run. Hence, make sure you invest in good ones. ASICS sportswear is superior and will satiate all needs of your feet.

3 Minutes Hard Core Effort

If you have been running for a while now, going the high-intensity way will help you. Start with a 10-minute warm-up followed by 3-minute hardcore running and 30 seconds of walking or jogging. Repeat the running and resting part five times, and your running routine is set.

Try to do it on an inclined surface or treadmill. Also, if you are looking for a shorter routine, you can cut it down to three times.

Climb Up The Stairs

If you are on a money crunch as well, you can use the stairs as an alternative to the treadmill. Start climbing the stairs for 30 minutes and you won’t need to do more of anything else. This will help you burn your butt, quads, and hamstrings.

Also, you can do this routine when the weather is going mad outside as you can’t afford to skip your routine.

Run It Out

Thirty minutes of uninterrupted running has been a go-to option. Whether it is a jog in the park to clear your head or a sprinting through the track, you can tear your legs in this 30-minute window.

It is essential to be consistent in whatever you do, and for that, you will have to take good care of your feet. And ASICS running shoes will take care of that.

2 Minutes On – 1 Minute Off

This time crunch workout needs 2 minutes of hardcore running and one minute of rest. When you can’t figure out a routine for yourself, this one will help you. It might not be the best option for most, but it gets the job done. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a track or treadmill, you can make it worth the while by pushing yourself.

If you’re new to running, it will take time to be consistent throughout the two minutes, but you’ll get there.

Rest It Down

If you have been pushing yourself too hard, maybe it’s time you give your body a little rest and just go for 30 minutes of stretching or yoga. It is vital to recover from the running fatigue, and taking a day off in a week will help you balance it out.

It will also help you be more productive throughout the day.

If you have finalized your running routine, you can now move ahead and choose your running shoes and running clothes. It is important to pamper your feet and ASICS footwear collection will serve all options. You can choose your running partner and achieve new heights in your daily running target.