We all have seen the best of the sportsmen acing their game with specific sports accessories that they prefer on the field. From Virat Kohli to Sania Mirza, every player laces up the footwear specifically designed for the sport.

Over time every shoe brand has come up with staple technologies and designs for all their models to cater to the need for high-performance sports shoes. As technologies evolve and research panned out across various specialisms, shared experience from these has significantly helped brands to merge concepts and designs and benefit from their performance.

Deviating from the needs of a specific sport may make you end up being uncomfortable or injured. For example, if you are training for a sprint, you would want your sports shoes to have enough cushioning to help you absorb the shock while running. Likewise, for all sports footwear, there are specific technology and design needs that you need to consider before making a purchase.

To help you cut through the immense clutter, below we have narrowed down a few sports footwear by Asics that you can consider for your various sports’ needs. Let’s dive in!


Most of the innovation comes in for running shoes since these are the ones that have the highest demand. While going for a pair of running shoes, you need to consider it’s cushioning first. Since running has lateral movement, your foot requires optimum support under your foot to provide impact protection while running. Any good running shoe must have a high-quality cushioning system that gives you lightweight breathability.

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Training shoes have a lot of design aspects from various sports since training includes is a wide range of movement from jumping to changing directions swiftly. For an all-in-one pair of gym shoes, you must consider heel support, cushioning, and its capability to provide you extra space to expand around your forefoot. It must have a comfortable upper region with a flexible midsole and must be light-weight for easy and efficient multi-directional movement.

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Very near to the design and technology of training shoes, cricket shoes too is a blend of various sports needs as cricket involves a wide range of movement. Look for a pair of shoes that comes with a high-quality material on the upper surface, mostly microfiber, polyethylene (PU) amongst others. These materials are light-weight and last longer no matter what surface the shoes are used on. The shoes must provide you proper cushioning, stability to manage the impact, ventilation to give some breathability. In the case of batting, you can go for half spiked shoes and in the case of bowling, you must consider full spikes so that they offer you proper grip and stability.

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Since the court sports like tennis, basketball, etc involve high impact while playing, tennis shoes need traction and stability to support the wearer in multi-directional movement. Tennis shoes require higher durability since playing on hard courts quickly wears down the shoes. Durability needs might weigh down the shoes, considering this, shoes now include abrasion-resistant technologies around the toe and on the sides so that the shoes can hold up to the impact and pressure of play. Apart from this, tennis shoes also require cushioning to provide support while moving unilaterally.

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Among all the key aspects to consider before buying any sports shoes, shoe size plays the biggest role in a comfortable fit. A size up or down can cause you immense discomfort and even may lead to injuries. To get the best expert guidance, you can also find the nearest Asics store and bring home the best pair of sports shoes you have been eyeing!

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