ASICS Curved Rocker Soles for smooth transitions – Metaride and Glideride

The design of a running shoe can come in many forms, each of which has an impact on the user’s experience. A number of companies have released shoes with a “curved” or a “rocker” configuration in recent years, which rolls the wearer’s foot forward as they land.

The idea behind this sort of construction is to make running feel easier and more effective. Before you consider buying a curved rocker soled running shoe, you must understand how it works. The rounded form of a rockered midsole, like that of a rocking chair, aids in rolling the runner forward across their stride. Think of how a rocking chair works and how it needs less energy to be tilted than a normal chair. The energy-saving property of rocking chairs is also derived from this simple motion.

ASICS India has introduced two such curved rocker soled shoes, to make running significantly easier and effortlessly longer – the Metaride and the Glideride. Both these shoes are the perfect ones for you if you are looking for running shoes that can make every step of the run more enjoyable and easier for you. Each of these shoes promises to bring something different and game-changing to your training. Read on to decide which one is best for you.

ASICS Metaride is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for shoes that will help you train for long-distance running. It is made using many of the innovative technologies of ASICS, including the Guidesole, the Flytefoam and the Gel technologies. The working of these three technologies in the midsole of Metaride is what helps the runner feel less tired after a long run.

The Guidesole of the Metaride has a one-of-a-kind shape. It has a more curved shape than other ASICS models. This is what helps to save energy and keep the body going forward by reducing excessive ankle movement. In the heel, there are a couple of pieces of GEL cushioning to help withstand the force of foot hits. Two foam layers are sandwiched between the GEL cushioning. The firmer FlyteFoam Lyte layer is on top of the midsole, while the more cushioned and flexible FlyteFoam Propel layer is on the bottom.

The shoe features a knitted upper, and the great thing about it is that you don’t even really notice it because of its quality. It is very dense and highly breathable, has an extremely comfortable fit, and while there’s plenty of protection in the midfoot, there is still enough space for toe-splay in the forefoot. This shoe is a great investment if you are looking for something new and exciting in your running journey.

ASICS Glideride is a shoe that is based on the same principles as the Metaride is. While is a newer model,  is also built with the intention to help runners run for longer without ending up too fatigued. It comes under the ‘energy saving’ category of running shoes. This ASICS shoe that has a new style is a well-cushioned, stable, and energising shoe with a distinctly curved or rockered geometry and noticeably firm midsole/outsole chassis. This shoe is made to create a rolling experience with every stride you take. The GlideRide’s ultimate goal is to assist runners in running longer distances with less effort. This shoe also features the Guidesole technology, made with an innovative rockered sole design to create a landing zone that is incredibly shock absorbing. A firm layer of Flytefoam Lyte technology provides cushioning and structure, while a soft, bouncy layer of Flytefoam Propel technology provides a soft, bouncy feel to the sole. Glideride also incorporates the Gel technology that enhances cushioning in the heel for a comfortable feel.

There are no restrictive overlays on the upper of the running shoe, but it is protected by two internal underlays on the lateral surface and is lightly strengthened at the toe border. No matter how your foot reaches the ground, the GlideRide gives off a noticeably rolling trip that generates forward acceleration while in motion. The solid, curved midsole generates progressive momentum. 

Both Metaride and Glideride are great running shoes, especially if you are looking to run long-distance runs. Anyone who can appreciate the extremely smooth functionality and great cushioning both these shoes offer, will love them.

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