The Best Compression Tights for Men and Women

If you are someone who just began running, you may be wondering what kind of clothing would be best for the activity. Clothing is one of t he most important components of your running gear. The type of clothing you use and the quality of it will have a great impact on the ease and efficiency of your runs.

Compression clothing is the best kind of clothing you can choose for any kind of workout, but especially for your runs. Compression tights and tops help you increase your performance while you exercise and at the same time, makes your workout seem easier.

ASICS India brings to you running pants for men and women, through their quality running gear. ASICS compression wear and running tights for women has an exclusive line of running gear under two separate categories of ‘tights’ and ‘Capri tights’.

For men, check out the category of ‘pants’ under clothing, where you will find compression tights like Finish Advantage 2 and Finish Advantage tights.

Why should you choose compression tights from ASICS for your run?

Compression tights are best known for their ability to aid performance enhancement in runners by helping the delivery of oxygen to your muscles more efficiently. The circulation of oxygenated blood to your muscles is particularly important during your workout. This is because when there is a lack of oxygen, your body produces lactic acid. Lactic acid is the main reason we feel excess fatigue and exhaustion during workouts.

Apart from this main function, some of the other benefits that compression tights offer are:

  • Protection during harsh weathers, as compression tights are made of a material that help regulate the body temperature. They are suitable for both cold and warm weather. Some compression tights are also made to be waterproof.
  • Compression tights provide increased stability while working out, by supporting muscles and applying pressure to the right muscles.
  • Extra comfort, which normal tights cannot provide. Regular, loose clothing while working out may also be a hindrance during movement and may cause chaffing on your body parts.
  • Can help reduce muscle vibrations and in turn reduce the soreness and pain you feel after each workout.
  • Increased performance as compression tights offer wind resistance, and help increase speed and efficiency- they have an aerodynamic property.
  • Aids in the healing and repairing of sore and torn muscles by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood into the muscles.

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