7 Running Shoes to Accomplish Your Winter Miles

Consistent running, especially for people who have just begun running is a challenge that takes time to overcome. This challenge becomes more difficult during harsh weathers. While running during warm weathers poses risks of its own, it is considerably more difficult to run during rough winters.

First of all, just garnering enough motivation to pick yourself off your warm and cozy bed on a cold morning requires a great amount of mental strength. And say you have trained yourself over a period of time to have enough will power to do this and you are very passionate about running. It is still a challenge to actually run your usual miles with the efficiency you normally achieve, during the winter.

This is why running gear that is exclusively made for winters is important. You must invest in good workout gear – including tights, tops, headcaps, socks and gloves for running during the winter. However, the most important running gear that you will have to buy for yourself during the winter is a good pair of shoes.

You need shoes that can keep you warm, help you increase your performance, protect your feet from the harsh weather and moisture, and also in general keep you motivated to run during the extremely cold days.

Here is a compilation of 7 best running shoes from ASICS India that you must have during the winter, to keep running and keep conquering those miles.

  • Gel Kayano 27 – this shoe offers superior comfort and and incredible stability while keeping your feet warm with a light mesh material. This also provides appropriate ventilation for your feet.
ASICS Gel Kayano 27
  • Gel Cumulus 22 – One of the best shoes for those lazy winter mornings, this shoe is waterproof and made to run on wet and cold climates. It also provides excellent shock absorption and keeps your feet warm and dry.
ASICS Gel Cumulus 22
  • Gel Pulse 12 – Available for both men and women, this shoes will motivate you to get right off your bed and go on that morning run, even in the cold weather. Provides perfect amount of cushioning, comfort and stability while protecting your feet from the rough weather.
Asics Gel Pulse 12
  • Metaride – This shoe is an all-time favourite of all runners, regardless of the weather condition. Metaride lets you achieve all your miles even during winter, with its extremely comfortable cushioning and great traction.
Asics metaride
  • Gel Fit Sana 3 – This shoe is your best bet during winter, as it helps you achieve maximum motion on the foot. This makes it seem easier for you to run on mornings that seem difficult. Also provides extreme comfort while keeping your body warm.
Asics Gel Fit Sana 3
  • Fit Yui Se – Featuring a high abrasion rubber sole, this shoe provides extreme traction and stability for your runs on the marshy and wet surfaces during winter. They are also lightweight and will not feel too bulky on your feet.
Asics Fit Yui Se
  • Metaracer – Especially loved by fast-paced runners, this shoe is created keeping in mind its use in all weathers. The upper allows air to flow as freely as possible, ensuring proper ventilation while also providing temperature control to keep your body and feet warm.
Asics Metaracer

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