The Best Workout Shoes for Indoor training and Running

The pandemic changed life as we knew it for all of us. It taught us to do all our tasks from home, including our workout. A lot of us could not go to our gyms to workout or for our regular runs outside, and have had to resort to finding some alternative form or movement from inside the walls of our compound.

This was also the time that we realized that running on a treadmill or working out from home is not all that bad an idea. However, you will need an ideal pair of indoor shoes to be able to carry out this activity efficiently at home. Shoes that you use outside for your gym and your long runs may not be the best to use indoors.

ASICS has an exclusive line of workout shoes for indoors, for men and women. Here is a list of the best ASICS indoor training shoes.

Indoor Shoes for Women Under 10000

ASICS UPCOURT 3 – One of the most preferred indoor workout shoes, it offers:

  • The perfect amount of cushioning
  • Shock absorption allowing for perfect landing.
  • Effortless transition
  • Enhanced performance
  • Contemporary design

ASICS GEL ROCKET 8 – Incorporating superior ASICS gel technology, this pair of indoor training shoe provides:

  • Forefoot Gel Cushioning System for extreme comfort and shock proof during movement
  • Trusstic system technology that makes the shoes lightweight and helps achieve stability in movement
  • Incredible fit and increased traction

Indoor Shoes for Men Under 10000

COURT FF NOVAK MEN STANDARD – The all new Court FF Novak is limited model is exclusively made for the Indian market. It features:

  • Flytefoam Technology for increased comfort with every stride
  • Trusstic System Technology for excellent stability and improved flexibility
  • PGUARD Toe protector to avoid injuries

GEL QUEST FF – Perfect for running on a treadmill and working out inside, this shoe features:

  • Flytefoam Midsole Technology for incredible bounce back and responsiveness
  • Rearoot Technology for shock absorption and smooth transitions
  • Dynatruss Trustic Technology for maximum comfort and high breathability

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