Indoor Running Workout Shoes and Tips

So many runners have vouched for indoor running and said that it can be just as effective and enjoyable as running outside is. For the longest time, every time I had to resort to indoor training a.k.a running on a treadmill, I dreaded it. I dreaded it long and hard until I found the hack.

 You do a couple of things right and running on a treadmill can be just as magical as running trails. One of the first things you will need if you plan on running indoors is, you guessed it- running shoes!

A good pair of indoor training shoes will take you a long way (literally) on a treadmill. Let me guide you to where you can buy excellent indoor running shoes from and then we can talk about how to maximise your efficiency and morale when you have to run on a treadmill.

ASICS India makes great shoes and has an exclusive line for indoor use. They have indoor shoes for both men and women. What sets ASICS India apart from any of the other brands I have used:

Gel Technology, which makes all their running shoes extremely comfortable and supporting.

Let us look at some of the product features of ASICS India’s indoor shoes.

Indoor Shoes for Men

You can find the Gel Quest line of shoes from the category ‘Training & Gym’ shoes for Men. These shoes are :

  • Exclusively designed for indoor training, this series of shoes are perfect for running on a treadmill.
  • It is made using three distinct technologies:

1. the Flytefoam Midsole Technology which offers incredible bounce back and responsiveness,

2. the Rearfoot Gel Technology Cushioning System which acts as a shock absorber and allows for smooth transitions, and

3. the DYNATRUSS TRUSTIC TECHNOLOGY -ORTHOLITE SOCKLINER which offers maximum comfort and high breathability.

Indoor Shoes for Women

Upcourt 3 and Gel-Rocket 8 are indoor shoes curated exclusively for women. Along with these, under the training & Gym category, the Gel-fit Yui is also recommended for use while running on treadmills. Both of these categories provide:

  • the perfect amount of cushioning,
  • shock absorption and
  • effortless transition and in turn, help you enhance your performance.

Now that we have looked at the right shoes to be used while running indoors, let us look at some tips that will keep you motivated.

Personally, once I grew to like the whole ordeal, my favourite thing about running indoors was the fact that I didn’t have to miss a run because of the weather outside.

Following some basic tips can help you use the treadmill to your advantage, and I am sure that one day you will grow to love it.

  • Have everything you need handy and at your reach while using the treadmill. This will help you run continuously, and you will not lose your flow. You can use the cupholder to keep your phone, water bottle, towels and whatever else you may need.
  •  Make sure you are in a well-ventilated room or one that has an air conditioner. As you know, indoors will not provide you with the same kind of air that running trails will.
  • To add to this, wear clothes that let you breathe. Wear the bare minimum and do not layer up like you normally do for trail running.
  • Running on treadmills can get quite monotonous if you do not play around with the speed and the incline a little bit. Challenge yourself to run faster at times and make use of the incline feature on the treadmill. This will definitely prepare you better for trail running and running on slopes.
  •  While doing all this, make sure you are enjoying yourself. If you absolutely cannot enjoy the process, divert your attention to something else while you run. Watch a movie, read an article, listen to music, video call a fellow runner or do anything else to just keep you going.

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