ASICS Comfy Shoes – Lighter, more flexible and efficient to Achieve Training Success

If you are a runner, you must already know the importance of using the best quality training equipment and how it is a prerequisite to success. If you are a beginner who is considering becoming a runner, I am here to tell you to never underestimate the power of quality equipment- especially running shoes.

Running shoes are the first thing you should get your hands on if you are thinking of making running a permanent part of your life. Choosing the best pair can be quite the challenge, given the number of options out there.

India’s Best Sports Shoes Brand

ASICS India is one of the best brands out there and offers some of the most efficient training shoes, for each of your running needs. The speciality of the brand is providing runners comfort that is unrivalled, coupled with maximum efficiency and flexibility for easy training.

What sets ASICS India running shoes apart from most of the other brands I have used is their unique characteristic technology. ASICS India uses Gel Technology which results in increased comfort, more stability and ease of running to maximise efficiency.

Gel Technology works by strategically placing gel where it is most effective: rearfoot and forefoot. Gel Technology on the rearfoot decreases impact during heel strike and makes the transition as smooth as possible. Forefoot Gel technology works by increasing the shock reduction during forward movement.

Manufactured from inactive polymers to form silicone, each version of gel technology is curated to enhance complete cushioning and running. Let us look at some of the best versions

ASICS Gel-Quantum 360 Knit 2 model exhibits a unique combination of enhancing performance and excellent comfort. It offers maximum support through its rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning system so that you can power through every one of your high-performance runs and achieve those running milestones. It also has a lightweight midsole, adding to the level of comfort and ease of running.

Hypergel- KAN provides exceptional cushioning, unrivalled support and durability to your running experiences. This pair has is made using three unique technologies – the Hypergel Technology for comfort, the Mono- Sock Technology Fit System for support and the Heel Clutching System Technology to create an environment for enhanced support to your heels.

If there is a single external factor that could determine your success in the running world, your shoes would be it. You must select shoes that provide you with long term durability and comfort, flexibility, ease of running and support to your feet which will directly be responsible for achieving your running milestones.

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