How Running Milestones Can Improve Your Lifestyle

If you have recently started running, you may already be aware of the short-term benefits that running may have been giving you. It is no secret that running is one of the best forms of movement there is, and undoubtedly one that is fun and enjoyable. Runners have been raving about the ‘runner’s high’ for a very long time now and if you have taken to running, you will know exactly how that feels.

Running Milestones has become a big thing in the recent past, and for good reason. Runners who have got into the hang of running as a regular activity, are always looking to hit milestones. Both incorporating running into your regular life and working towards achieving your 5k and 10k milestones have proven to be incredibly advantageous to the lifestyles of people. There are researched and proven benefits that running has, from the very first day.

You may have taken to running to improve your physical health- to keep your weight in check, to build sustainable muscles or to improve your cardiovascular strength. Running does exactly this and so much more for your physical wellbeing. Studies show that from the very first time you start running, your body goes through a natural process of adjusting its functions. In other words, your body tunes itself. It helps in blood pressure regulation, regulation of insulin levels and almost immediately gives your metabolism levels an enhancement. It increases your energy levels, pushing you to stay active and productive throughout the day. Running daily for just about 15 minutes can make a huge difference to your life, helping you to breeze through activities you were struggling to fulfil earlier. I could go on all day about the physical benefits of running.  But if you are a runner, you already know all these.

My way of adding value to this conversation is by attempting to educate you on more than just the physical benefits of running. Let us talk about how running improves the overall quality of life. The overall quality of life depends on not just your physical health, but a majority of it depends on your mental well-being. You could be your best self physically, with your target body weight or the biggest muscles in the room but that still does not say whether you are a happy person or you are mentally, at peace. At the end of the day, peace and happiness are what we are all chasing, right?

The mental benefits exercise in general and running, in particular, have are multi-fold. The very first time you run, you are bound to realize a change in your mood. This is why runners often tie up their shoes and disappear into the streets when they feel low. They say that it also helps them think clearer, and more effectively. Running often instantaneously puts one in a better, calmer state of mind. As you keep running and working towards achieving those milestones, your body releases a hormone called endorphin. These are chemicals produced by your body that help you deal with and relieve pain and stress.

This is just the beginning. Research reveals that people that suffer from mental health issues such as panic attacks and anxiety disorders have benefitted tremendously from taking up running. In the long run, running milestones help you make more controlled, impactful decisions in your everyday life. By helping to cope with the stress of everyday life and making dealing with the curveballs that life throws your way every day, the act of running improves your decision-making skills.

Running regularly and pushing yourself to attain running milestones are known to reduce the deterioration of cognitive activity. This is especially important once you cross the age of thirty-five. It helps prevent the degeneration of important brain functions such as memory, thereby reducing your risks in developing cognitive disorders.

Just like writing about the physical benefits of running, I could go on and on about its effects on mental health too. But we have covered the best and most important of them.

When it comes to running, having the best running gear never hurts. I have been a religious user of running gear from ASICS India. Just like the mental and physical benefits of running, gear from ASICS is bound to improve your quality of life.

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