Your Favourite Fitness & Running App- Runkeeper

The recent influx of running apps has been overwhelming. Running apps being the go-to for runners to track their runs, it can get confusing to choose an app that not only works effectively, but also provides accurate data. 

An easy way to track miles, elevation, distance, pace, and location, running apps is the best way for runners to understand and improve their performance. Well, runners are at an advantage when it comes to tracking the various specifications of their run.

Runkeeper – a running app from the fitness brand Asics is your go-to solution to not only track the various numbers associated with running, but additional specs provided by the app give it an edge over other running apps. 

How does Runkeeper work?

The very first running app in the market, Runkeeper has only gotten better over the years. Available for both Android and iOS devices, this app is free to use. However, some features are exclusive for paid subscriptions. 

The app uses the sensors and the GPS sensors of your phone to provide very accurate information about the different aspects of the run. This information helps you set a goal and improve your run performance. It integrates with almost all devices like smartwatches and other fitness trackers. It also has an option to connect with fellow running enthusiasts and friends. 

Here are some reasons why the Asics running app is the favourite and preferred by runners worldwide. 

  • Ease of use

With an easy to use interface, the various features of the app can be used seamlessly. With almost all features readily accessible on the homepage and real-time tracking, this app tracks your run in real-time, giving you feedback as you run. 

  • Customisable design

Highly functional design provides a smooth user experience across all devices. With customisable statistics, runners can choose the activity they wish to do. Exact statistics help runners improve their performance by showing improvements in pace and the steps taken in lucid graphs. 

  • Set achievable goals 

Runkeeper provides the users with the option to choose the reason they are using the app. The reasons include options like ‘run more often,’ ‘run a race,’ ‘lose weight’ or ‘something else.’ Based on your reason, Runkeeper aids in setting an achievable goal. 

  • Advanced subscription options

Runkeeper has an advanced subscription option called Runkeeper Go. An advanced level feature provides additional comparisons and training plans to help achieve your running goals and improve your performance. 

For runners to improve their performance, a good tracking app is a must. But an excellent pair of running shoes is also essential. A right shoe can boost running performance while minimising the risk of injuries. It also helps athletes maintain their feet health. 

Asics not only aids runners in improving their performance using the Runkeeper app but also helps runners boost their performance with their Asics running shoes. Designed with runners in mind, their shoes help all athletes, including runners, support their feet while helping them achieve their goals. 

Their innovative design provides a superior comfort level while running with their soft cushioned midsoles and preventing the feet from wearing out. Their advanced technology has enabled them to develop a shoe that provides maximum arch support, essential for runners. 

Asics has always put their best feet forward with a legacy of 70 years. Their history of consistent improvements ensures that runners can always expect unparalleled service and quality that will only boost their potential.

With these twin forces by Asics, runners can get their A-game on and reach new performance levels quickly and with ease.

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