The Impact Running or Fitness Has Had on Your Life

It’s rather an ordinary story, but I feel it will make for a good read if you are someone who’s recently got interested in running. This is the story of how daily running changed my life for good. And why I think it’s a great way to take care of our body.

Why I Started Running

asics gel shoes

Having born and brought up in metro and getting caught up with work in the corporate world soon after college took a heavy toll on my health. As I continued to focus on my work, by the time I realized that my health was suffering – backache and neck ache, laughable stamina, and a growing paunch – I had lived five years of my adult life without much physical activity.

It took a doctor’s consultation for me to finally take fitness seriously. As you know that running requires more mental strength than anything else, I woke up one day, wore my slippers, and just went out for a stroll. No plan, no alarm, no schedule. I just walked out.

That was the start of my fitness regimen, which I followed up with daily strolls. Those brisk walks eventually turned into running. I would keep a fixed timing for my runs and stick with it regardless of my schedule. I even went for runs during my annual vacations.

The first positive sign of my runs came after four weeks when I observed my ability to stay fresh even after eight to ten hours of work on a computer. This was like a surprise change in me even by my own standards.

Getting into Serious Running

It is only after I began running for a few weeks that I bought running clothes and shoes.

Because I know how lazy I used to be and because wise people suggest that we shouldn’t invest in a tool unless we know we are going to use it fully, I bought my pair of running shoes very late in my informal running career. But when I did, I chose the best.

ASICS Gel nimbus

ASICS was an obvious choice, but I did explore the market before settling with the GEL-NIMBUS range. I still own its 22 road running series which is still going strong, two years later. The same goes for all my running attire, including miscellaneous sportswear.

The Impact Over the Years

It goes without saying that investing in running gear made me more efficient. I could cover more kilometres during my sprints, get rid of my backache, and most importantly, see myself being more active throughout the day. Running for just 30 minutes every day for the past 24 months has helped me reclaim my health, which was deteriorating at a pace greater than I could imagine.

My friends and family have also observed this change and continue to ask me the secret. And I keep repeating this story to everyone who asks me. I find great joy when some of them come back and tell me their versions, which is almost the same as mine. Every single time.

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