Running Routines For Those On A Time Crunch

Rushing off to drop kids at school? Striving to meet the deadline at work? Still, have to buy groceries while you head back home? Where are you going to fit your running schedule? Unfortunately, not all runners can devote their life to running and have to sneak some time out to run. However, if you have time to put on your running shoes, you can make time for some running too.

Running Routines In Time Crunch

But what about the “Golden Rules” of running? The stretching, the particular diet, cross-training, strength training, the fixed gaps between diets, everything plays a major role. However, the head coach at Strength Running, Jason Fitzgerald believes that most rules can be broken in running, except for a few. Also, he clarifies that breaking all the rules at all times is not the right way to go about it.

So, if you are on a time crunch, we have some coach recommended running routines that you can pull off. So, get your running shoes ready and hit the track.

Investing in a 30-minute running routine can be beneficial if you know your deal. A time crunch athlete can make the best out of 30 minutes of running and if you can, manage this routine twice a day. Also, your sportswear and running shoes play a significant role in maintaining a good run. Hence, make sure you invest in good ones. ASICS sportswear is superior and will satiate all needs of your feet.

3 Minutes Hard Core Effort

If you have been running for a while now, going the high-intensity way will help you. Start with a 10-minute warm-up followed by 3-minute hardcore running and 30 seconds of walking or jogging. Repeat the running and resting part five times, and your running routine is set.

Try to do it on an inclined surface or treadmill. Also, if you are looking for a shorter routine, you can cut it down to three times.

Climb Up The Stairs

If you are on a money crunch as well, you can use the stairs as an alternative to the treadmill. Start climbing the stairs for 30 minutes and you won’t need to do more of anything else. This will help you burn your butt, quads, and hamstrings.

Also, you can do this routine when the weather is going mad outside as you can’t afford to skip your routine.

Run It Out

Thirty minutes of uninterrupted running has been a go-to option. Whether it is a jog in the park to clear your head or a sprinting through the track, you can tear your legs in this 30-minute window.

It is essential to be consistent in whatever you do, and for that, you will have to take good care of your feet. And ASICS running shoes will take care of that.

2 Minutes On – 1 Minute Off

This time crunch workout needs 2 minutes of hardcore running and one minute of rest. When you can’t figure out a routine for yourself, this one will help you. It might not be the best option for most, but it gets the job done. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a track or treadmill, you can make it worth the while by pushing yourself.

If you’re new to running, it will take time to be consistent throughout the two minutes, but you’ll get there.

Rest It Down

If you have been pushing yourself too hard, maybe it’s time you give your body a little rest and just go for 30 minutes of stretching or yoga. It is vital to recover from the running fatigue, and taking a day off in a week will help you balance it out.

It will also help you be more productive throughout the day.

If you have finalized your running routine, you can now move ahead and choose your running shoes and running clothes. It is important to pamper your feet and ASICS footwear collection will serve all options. You can choose your running partner and achieve new heights in your daily running target.

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