ASICS Running Outfits Which Never Defeat You

Are you just starting on your running journey?

Or maybe training for your next marathon?

Well, there’s not a lot that you need for a run; you can just put on an old T-shirt, shorts, and trainers, and you’ll be good to go. Having said that, choosing an outfit that is exclusively designed for the sport can not only make you look better and feel comfortable but also enhance your running performance and experience. After all, you wouldn’t want to be dripping in sweat and sporting a rather nasty chafe after every run. Right?

Here are some of the most essential ASICS items that’ll make the perfect running outfit for you:

ASICS running shoes

Running Tops/T-shirts

If you’ve been running in your old cotton T-shirt until now, you’d be surprised by what the proper kind of sportswear has on offer. Unlike cotton that soaks up all the sweat and moisture, and leaves you wet and stinking, a technical running T-shirt or top is engineered using lightweight, breathable, and sweat-wicking fabrics like polyester or elastane to help you stay dry and keep your body at the right temperature on the run. Mesh panels in high-sweat areas (back and underarms) are a plus!

running tops

Running Tights/Shorts

Your running tights or shorts must be comfortable enough to let you move freely during the run, and help you focus on your pace without worrying about the sweat, chafing risk, or storage. Whether you choose a full or ¾ length tights or a pair of easy breezy shorts made in sweat-wicking, stretchable, and lightweight fabrics. Make sure they are the right fit and offer some kind of storage like a small zip pocket or no-bounce pockets for items like keys, cash, ID card, and phone.

running tights

Running Shoes

While it might appear like a challenge, buying the right pair of running shoes is actually quite simple. First and foremost, make sure that the shoes are the right fit, leaving no room for movement for the heels and keeping the toes splayed out. Another vital thing to remember is that the pair needs to suit your running style. For instance, a shoe with lightweight foam sole and more padding is ideal for running on roads while one with a good grip and stiff rock plate is suitable for off-road trails.

running shoes

Other Running Accessories

While the right kind of top, bottoms, and shoes are the basics when it comes to a running outfit, you do need to reflect upon what else you might need depending on the time or purpose of the run, the weather, or your requirement. For your assistance, here’s a quick checklist of other running gear:

Sports Bra – must offer high level of support for women

running sports bra

Running Socks – helps prevent blisters and even supports faster recovery

running socks

Running Jackets – for extra protection from cold, wind and rain

running jackets

Reflective Gear – an absolute must for night-time running

Running Headphones – must have a secure fit and be sweat-resistant

Running Belts – for carrying essential gear like phone and keys

You can also choose to carry your own water bottle/hydration pack, gels/tabs and energy bar, other than accessories like sunglasses, baseball cap, sun protection, fitness tracker, and fanny pack.

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