The Best Gift Ideas for Runners


Running is healthy and trendy. The easy and affordable accessibility to running gears has made running more like a part of anyone’s daily regime, just like having breakfast.


Leading sports brands like ASICS India, have revolutionized the common individuals’ fitness goals and aspirations. So if you have a friend who is a runner, or you want to inspire someone to start running, or just want to give yourself some comfortable running gears, then you are spoilt for choices.

Top Gifting Ideas for Runners

Whether a beginner or a professional, most runners require a few basic gears that are common to all. You can choose from these ideas for the best option that suits your needs.

Running Shoes

Running and shoes are almost synonymous with each other. For a good running stint, having a good pair of running shoes is a must.

asics running shoes

While choosing your running shoes, you must bear in mind a couple of basic factors:

#1 Comfort is something you cannot compromise with.
#2 The size should be just right.
#3 Choose running shoes that can adapt to most surfaces like a track or park.
#4 Go for lightweight running shoes.

gel nimbus 22

ASICS offers a wide range of running shoes for men, women, and kids, keeping in mind these important considerations. The new range, Sportstyle from the house of ASICS offers great comfort, multiple colour and size options, and great pricing, making it the perfect gift to give. You can also choose from the tried and tested Gel shoes from the same brand.

Running Clothing

Women tops

More often than not, we put on just about anything while we are out for a run. It is time to change that. It is important to wear clothes that do not stick to your skin or cause irritation while running. This ensures that you are focused on the job of running, and not taking care of your clothes while you are at it.

running gears

ASICS offers everything under its clothing line from jackets to tees, shorts to tights, and sports bras and tank tops for women. Choose the right material so your runner friends can’t get enough of this gift.

women jacket

Fitness Tracker

Most runners like to monitor the statistics to improve performance outcomes. The ASICS Runkeeper is the perfect gift to count the calories, track speed and distance, and to set fitness goals. Your friend is sure to love and cherish this gift from you.

running tracker

Running Accessories

You can also opt for the more common gifts like a water bottle, mobile pouch or ear pods. Although they are considered accessories and not basics of running gears, their significance is pretty high to runners. Small, yet powerful, these accessories will help push your runner friend to the next level of fitness.

running accessories

Visit the ASICS Store Today for the Best Gifts for Runners

ASICS India offers shopping at your fingertips. All its products are available online with multiple payment options and easy deliveries. So go for it and choose the next best gift to give away to all the runners around you. 

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