What is Your Favourite Post-Running Cheat Meal?

Everyone likes a cheat meal. Whether you are a professional runner or an aspiring model, it is normal to have the urge to cheat on your diet. You may even very well deserve it sometimes, especially if you’ve maintained a record running streak. 

A cheat meal can be anything: a smoothie with an extra load of icing, your favourite ice-cream, pineapple and vanilla cake, or a cheeseburger. It completely depends on your craving and your mood. But it is rather interesting to observe that there are a few cheat meals that are more common in India. There are meals and foods that most runners, athletes, and fitness experts in the country prefer over everyday foods like the ones mentioned above.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most common cheat meals in India. Which one’s your favourite?

A Loaded Chicken or Vegetable Burger

Blame it on the fast-food giants in India or the advertisements they run on huge billboards for runners to see and curse under their breath. But chicken burgers (and their vegetarian counterparts) can easily be counted among Indians’ most loved post-run cheat meals. Just one burger is usually enough to answer that craving you get around weekends.

Plus, a burger doesn’t do much harm if you get back to your regimen immediately. Moreover, a chicken burger is loaded with vitamins and proteins, which can help you maintain your body’s nutritional requirements. The same goes for burgers made with other meats.

French Fries

Another fast-food favourite among Indians, these deep-fried sticks of potatoes also manage to make fitness freaks weak on their knees. While the potatoes are good (fiber!!!), the deep-frying part is what you should be wary of. If you are a runner, prefer homemade fries instead of getting them from a food corner. We know you may not get them to be sharp and crispy, but hey, a cheat meal doesn’t have to be perfect.Get that dose of carbs and fat and enjoy your fries.

Anything Chinese

Chinese food has a special place in most Indians’ hearts. It is also rightly one of the most common post-exercise cheat meals. Whether it’s manchow soup (healthy!!!), chowmein, or triple Szechuan fried rice, slurping on magical Chinese gravies is a kind of self-pampering in itself. You need these experiences too, just to enjoy life a bit more freely.

Pizza by the Track

Snigdha runs four kilometers every day. But she cheats on her diet by enjoying her favourite fast-food, pizza, once or twice a month. She’s been doing it for years now and always insists on loading it with tomatoes for balance. 

Just like she prefers top-quality running gear from ASICS (she owns the GEL-QUANTUM Infinity black shoes), she gets her pizzas only from her favourite and trusted local café. She believes in going local instead of depending on international brasseries like you-know-who.

Hot Chocolate After Hot Running Sessions

This is a given, but surprisingly, hot chocolate is even more popular than milkshakes because it can be easily made at home. Get some sugar-free cocoa powder and milk and you are good to go. You can also control the sugar intake by adding only a touch of it to stay healthy even when you are cheating. It’s a win-win!

The same goes for chocolate cake and ice-cream. Although, to be frank, vanilla ice-cream seems to be the crowd favourite. And we can’t disagree.

So, what is your favourite cheat meal? Do you have any special food that helps quench your craving and give you essential nutrients? How does ASICS help you get back to running after your indulgence? Let us know in the comments below.

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