The Best Running Shoes You Can Buy Right Now

A wise man once said, “when your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart”. As motivating as that sounds, if you want to keep running without collapsing, you require the right running gear. 

Most people would agree that there is no other exercise like running. A run could help you clear your mind, get your adrenaline going and the cardio proves to be beneficial for good health and heart.

With the demands of this fast paced world keeping us on our toes, there is no better and quicker way to remain fit than indulge in some good old running everyday. A word to the wise, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you are a pro athlete, with the right pair of running shoes, you can elevate your performance and reach your fitness goals. Invest in them early because they will protect you from injuries and help you push that extra mile.  

How To Choose Running Shoes For Men?

Let’s say you are a beginner and you want to take up running as a regular form of exercise. Firstly, congratulations, you are headed in the right direction. The benefits of running far outweigh the effort required. Secondly, there’s three things you need to look for in your running shoes – comfort, build and fit. 

For beginners, the best running shoes usually prioritize these three aspects. Great cushioning for shock absorption and comfort is super important, since you don’t want to pick up an injury on your very first run. The build will determine your lift-off experience and regulate your gait. Finally, ill fitting shoes are a shortcut to the hospital. So it is imperative to buy running shoes which fit you well and help you run with proper footing.

If you do enjoy running regularly and want to take your passion a step further, why not run a marathon? For marathon runners, the right marathon shoes are those that work well on road surfaces. The build has to be sturdy but lightweight, with responsive stride. A gel technology in the rearfoot can make your run comfortable and help you go that extra mile even with supreme heel control. The reason gel based soles are recommended is because they provide a soft and bouncy surface for your feet which protect you from the hard impact of the rough road surface. Your shoes need to stabilize your foot during lift-off on a rocky road surface and the durability of the shoe should weigh heavily on your consideration when shopping for new shoes.

Good trail running shoes can also double up as great hiking shoes provided it has a strong grip and advanced heel stability. You should be looking for a zigzag pattern on the outsole for superior grip in challenging terrains. Expect wet rocks, jagged rock ends and a lot of slippery surface while hiking, so grip and comfort should be your top priority.  

The situation is entirely different when on a tennis court or training for other sports on a well maintained smooth surface. Tennis shoes or training shoes of any kind don’t need the kind of sturdiness as road running shoes do. What they do require is an efficient build that is lightweight and has premium construction for the best possible fit. An advanced lift-off technology and a smooth heel to toe transition can be guaranteed by intelligent design and curvature on the shoes, perfect for pro runners who are looking to gain that extra edge on their competition. You need shoes that energize your stride and also protect you from any injuries while fast running. 

Best Shoes For Men In India

You now have a comprehensive guide to go shoe shopping and you can mentally prioritize what you should be looking for in a shoe, based on what kind of runner you are. When looking at premium Indian brands with affordable sports shoes, ASICS India stands out because of its dedicated collection of sports shoes under 5000 that you can check out.  Their range of shoes come equipped with most of the technologies mentioned above. You can also decide to go for the pricier models if you are looking for professional running gear. So “Run Forrest, Run”, but wear your running shoes first. 

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