Guide To Choosing Best Shoe For You

It is often said that shoes make the first fashion impression. However, when you are engaged in sports or running a marathon, functionality tops over aesthetics which makes it essential for you to choose the right shoe size and quality for yourself.

So what are the standard parameters for choosing the best shoe for yourself?

Your Feet Size

The most important factor of getting the right shoe for yourself is your feet size. No feet are quite the same. Some might be big or small, wide or narrow, it all depends on your exact feet size. Once you have determined that, you need to ensure that there is one thumb distance between your toe and the shoe. This space is essential to accommodate movement without constricting blood flow.

Foot Gait

What is pronation? Pronation is the rolling of your foot from the heel to toe as it hits the ground. An overpronation is when your foot rolls a bit too much inside your foot as it strikes the ground while supination is when it inclines on the outside. This is common with high arch strikes. Normal pronation is when your foot strikes with the outside of your heel and eventually moves up to the ball.

Your Choice of Activity

A runner requires a different pair than a sportsperson. So before you go shoe shopping, it is crucial to determine whether you need athletic shoes, shoes for court sports, or any other rigorous activity. For instance, running shoes like Asics shoes are lighter, flexible and often equipped with gel technology to absorb shock while running. On the other hand, sports shoes are stiffer to offer your feet the stability for sudden movements and prevent injuries.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes for You

Here are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you buy the right fit.

Do Not Let Your Shoes Multitask

A pair of walking shoes is not ideal for running, and athletic shoes are overkill if you are going for a stroll in your neighborhood. Do not burden your shoes with multiple activities to ensure its longevity and quality.

Breaking in Time is an Illusion

Many tend to believe that comfortable shoes are a matter of time. However, the concept of breaking in is not healthy for your feet, and you should be able to walk or run the first time you try on the shoes. Test your shoes before buying by walking or running around a bit.

Go for the Nitty-Gritty

So you are wondering if your space boots look-alike running shoes or athletic shoes are worth the cost and time. Well, to be fair, the bells and whistles that come along are often serving a purpose. For instance, gel infusion, clear inserts, air cushions and many other features are useful when it comes to shock absorption or extra comfort. It is especially great for people with weak ankles or those who are susceptible to heel pains. So keep an eye out for that.

Know When to Say Goodbye

Good shoes are hard to part with. However, to protect your feet from injuries, you need to replace your old and worn-out shoes. If you see your sole peeling off or your shoes coming apart, it is time to go shoe shopping.

Find Your Support

Now that you are armed with the basic shoe knowledge, now is the time to unveil the right shoe support that can reinforce your gait and movements. Basically, there are three categories for shoe support — neutral, stability and great support- also known as motion control.

Neutral Shoes

  • They are great for those with mild pronation but works best for those with neutral or under pronation.
  • These shoes don’t exactly have motion control features and support the arch of the foot.

Motion Control Shoes

  • Those with overpronation can rely on these motion control shoes but seldom available in conventional stores and online.
  • These shows have firm posts that support the arch on both sides of the midsole. They have stiffer heels and straight cut designs that are primarily meant to overcome the impacts of overpronation.
  • They have denser foam for more excellent shock absorption.

Stability Shoes

  • These shoes are equipped with stability devices that counter pronation.
  • Perfect for those with moderate overpronation.
  • They are flexible, allowing easy movements.
  • These shoes also consist of guide rails that help in side to side motion.


Getting the right shoes for your feet is a gateway to healthy feet, stronger legs and power performance on the track or the court. By implementing the ideas as mentioned above and tips while shopping for your shoes, you can ensure that you are not wasting your time & money, and keeping your feet away from harm’s way.

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