How A Beginner Can Become Better Basketball Player

As a beginner, there are many skills to practice and perfect to become a good basketball player. From learning to maintain control over the ball to building endurance, mastering the fundamentals of basketball is crucial to improve your game. Basketball has a slightly steeper learning curve and may prove to be challenging for new players. So here are a few tips to help beginners become better basketball players –

  1. Warm Up

Before you actually start playing, it’s important to prepare your body through warm up. Since basketball is a fast paced and intensive sport, it’s crucial that your body is sufficiently warm before the game. Ideally a good warm up would raise your heart rate and must incorporate some drills. Warming up is not only an efficient way to increase your ability to perform but also reduces the chances of injuries.

  1. Learn Fundamentals 

While it’s enticing to perform flashy back dribbles, as a beginner, it’s important to master the fundamental movements first. For instance, beginners often make the mistake of thinking that hitting the ball harder will make it bounce. However, the key to maintain control over the ball while dribbling lies in the player’s body posture and control over the energy with which they hit the ball. Since, dribbling is a rather important part of the game, it’s a good idea to practice dribbling with the non-dominant hand to practice one’s control over the ball.

  1. Develop Stamina

Basketball is a fast paced game and involves a lot of running. A basketball player needs to be able to run fast enough from one end to the other end of the court while being quick enough to rapidly change directions. Basketball also involves a lot of jumping. So, in order to become a good basketball player, you need to have the stamina to run and jump. 

  1. Jumping 

Another common mistake beginners make is focus all their energy and efforts into becoming a fast runner. However, in all this they forget that they need to become a good jumper too. Jumping is a rather crucial part of basketball because a player’s ability to jump affects their ability to collect rebounds, block shots and make a shot. Vertical jump training helps improve the height you can reach while shooting.

  1. Shooting

One of the most important and fun parts of playing basketball – shooting the ball in the net. Dunking the ball in the net isn’t as simple as it sounds. To ensure that the ball always goes through the net, you need extensive practice of shooting from a variety of positions and perfecting your posture and technique.

  1. Master a few and then some more

A game of basketball has several moving pieces. As a beginner, it can get overwhelming to learn too much all together. So start small and simple. Master a few skills and then move on to others. For example, practice shooting from a short range and gradually increase the distance from the net. Learn to maintain control over the ball while dribbling rather than the speed.

  1. Study your game

Even as a beginner, it’s important to pay attention to your game. Study your posture during shooting, stamina throughout the game and weak spots. Making a note of what you do well and what you don’t will allow you to work on the deficiencies and become a better player.

  1. Practice

There is absolutely nothing other than consistent practice that can help you become a better player. Work on key skills such as dribbling and shooting to perfect your technique. Do strength training and cardio to improve your stamina. As a beginner, it’s important for you to practice and practice. But don’t forget to have fun.

  1. Watch and Learn

While studying yourself is important, another great way to learn about the game is by studying others. Watch basketball games and note the techniques used by professional players. 

  1. Make a kit

Last but not the least, make a basketball kit for yourself. This kit should include all the basic stuff you would need to play, from water bottles to basketball shoes. Like any other sport, it’s important to invest in shoes meant specifically for basketball to get you off on the right footing.

ASICS Best Sports Shoes for Basketball


Asics Basketball shoes

The Asics Geltriforce 3 are high top shoes and thus offer more support to the ankles. The TRUSSTIC structure at the sole offers improved stability. The structure of the sole also supports a sharp drive operation which helps bring out further acceleration. The Geltriforce 3 has extra heel counter and multi-contact edge support for fast and accurate operation. The new upper structure provides better fit and durability. These basketball shoes for men are not only functional but stylish as well.


Asics Basketball shoes

The Asics Gelburst 22 GE has a new heel cup which offers better comfort and support to the player. The GEL and spEVA midsole provide better cushioning to help avoid injuries. The Gelburst 22 GE have a built in gel midsole and AHAR PLUS rubber outsole. These basketball shoes for men are designed to ensure that the shoe body remains stable and is not easily twisted. The outer arc design of the shoe makes them wear-resistant, suitable for beginners.

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5 Things To Consider When Choosing Best Medical Shoes

As a healthcare professional, you are likely to have long hours and shifts. Being on your feet all day puts pressure on your legs which not only leads to tired legs and feet but also back pain issues. To keep your feet healthy and make your physical activity easier, you need to invest in a good pair of shoes. 

As someone who works in the healthcare industry, you will be wearing shoes all day. So make sure your shoes are comfy, sturdy and durable. With so many options out there, it can be confusing to find the right pair of shoes. So, here are a few factors to help you find the best medical shoes online:

  1. Cushioning and Support

Healthcare is a fast paced industry, as a doctor or a nurse, you probably have to run and sprint several times throughout a day. Constantly being on your feet or walking for long hours can also cause strain to your feet. Therefore, you need shoes with ample cushioning so that they absorb the shock from movements and protect your feet from injuries. Good cushioning offers support to your feet and not only reduces the impact of movement but also improves posture as well as prevents back pain issues.

  1. Wide Toe Box

When you try on a new pair of shoes, your toes snuggle and fit in them. However, with time as your feet get familiar with the shoes, they start spreading out. Now if the shoe box is narrow, your feet will not sit comfortably and instead be squashed. Therefore you need shoes which have ample space for your feet to sit comfortably. A shoe with a wide toe box gives your feet the space they need and help in preventing any foot pains. 

  1. Anti-slip soles

Hospital floors can be dangerous. With transporting someone or something, a transparent fluid can drip to the floor or some part of the floor may be wet due to constant cleaning and sanitization. Walking on such floors can lead to slips and falls, let alone running, which medical professionals often have to do. So, before investing in  a pair of shoes, make sure they have anti-slip soles. Usually shoes with a rubber sole are a good choice. You can also look for non-pad slips if the shoe you like doesn’t have rubber soles. 

  1. Uppers

Walking throughout the day can cause your feet to sweat. Even wearing the same pair can create a musty environment inside your shoes which can further lead to foot infections. It is thus very important that air circulates through your shoes. Mesh uppers aid in ventilation of shoes and thus help in keeping your feet nice and dry. Even leather is a breathable material. Although leather is a bit heavier than mesh, it is much easier to clean.

  1. Shoe Hygiene

Wearing the same pair of shoes can cause foot infections such as athlete’s feet, warts or bunions. In order to keep your footwear healthy, make sure you maintain shoe hygiene. Regularly sanitising footwear with antiseptic sprays and letting the shoes air out by keeping them outside in the sun kills bacteria and germs.



Designed with the original Asics technology, the outsole of ASICS Nursewalker 201 offers excellent grip to help avoid slip. The laces ensure a snug and firm fit of the shoe around the foot. These best shoes for doctors are designed after considering the essential eight functions to support your feet. 


Asics Medical Shoes

Nursewalker 203 are the Asics medical shoes for nurses. The velcro straps and low heel design facilitates easy putting on and taking off of the shoes. The upper is featured with Asics MOFF technology which creates a deodorant effect. The holes on the outsole help in air circulation and the artificial leather upper enables breathability of the feet.

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Importance of Safety Shoes in Workplace

The word safety shoes bring up the image of heavy duty toe capped boots usually worn by construction workers. However, safety shoes aren’t exclusively shoes for construction work or for people working in factories, mines or any other industry where there is an element of physical labour.  There is a wide range of safety shoes, each suitable for specific work environments such as airports, outlet malls or warehouses etc. 

Safety shoes are durable footwear which not only provide extra protection but also extra comfort which makes standing, walking or working on your feet for long hours easier. Here is a list of benefits safety shoes and why you need them regardless of your work environment:

  • Preventing Injuries

Depending on the environment you work in, there is a range of potential injuries that could occur to you. From a heavy object falling on your feet to someone stepping on your shoes and to a sharp object puncturing through your shoes; the list is endless. There is also the possibility of tripping or falling down and ultimately hurting yourself. Safety shoes have toe caps and anti-slip soles that protect the instep of the feet from damaging injuries.

  • Improving Posture

Well fitted safety shoes offer cushioning and support to the arch of the foot. In other words, your feet and ankles are fully supported which further ensures the proper alignment of your leg. Properly aligned legs help in improving the overall body posture and reducing back pain. 

  • Enhancing Comfort

Regardless of whether you stand on your feet or sit at a desk while working, you have to wear shoes for hours at a stretch. Ill fitted and uncomfortable shoes can increase the risk of foot problems, back pains or cause distraction. Despite being heavy duty, safety shoes are extremely comfortable because they are meant to be worn for long hours without causing muscle strains or fatigue. 

  • Protection Against Natural Elements

While working outdoors, you come across different types of weather; from sandstorms to hail. Safety shoes are well insulated and waterproof. They thus protect your feet from conditions such as frostbite and other circulatory issues caused by excess heat or cold.

  • Protection Against Man-made Elements 

While working indoors, you are bound to use electronics and machines. Being surrounded by electrical devices means a constant risk of electric shocks. Safety shoes are made from materials such as rubber or leather, which act as insulants and thus reduce the chances of experiencing an electric shock.



Asics WINJOB CP21E shoes feature a solid SRB insole which supports the arch of the foot and thereby reducing the pressure on the body and preventing back pain problems. The highly cushioned shock absorbing gel technology at the heel of the sole provides extra comfort, making them perfect to wear for long hours. 


Asics WINJOB CP302 offers extra cushioning due to the design of the midsole and Gel technology used at the heel of the foot for better shock absorption and lasting comfort. The lightweight resin toe box provides extra protection to your toes. These worker shoes are ultra-lightweight despite being heavily cushioned to offer you comfort and support.


The Asics WINJOB CP30E delivers more compression in the heel due to the Gel technology, cushioning unit and contoured design lines. The CP clip insole protects your toes and also makes the shoe slip resistant. The rubber composite and special sole design gives the shoe excellent grip properties for enhanced protection.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Running Speed

All runners want to increase their running speed and take their running to the next level. Are you concerned that you are not able to push your limits? Don’t worry. Here are four important tips to meet your goal. However, you have to remember one important thing. You will not be able to step up your pace unless you wear the right running shoes for men or women. For example, you need the best distance running shoes for running long distances. 

Asics Men Running Shoes
  1.  Go for interval running

What is interval running? It refers to alternating between fast and intense running followed by less intense walking or running or just resting. The interval period is generally between 10 seconds to a minute. The duration varies depending upon a few factors like time, performance level, and fitness goals, etc. This is recommended by fitness experts because of its high effectiveness and multiple benefits. How to do interval running? 

  • Start with a warm-up for 10 minutes. Warming up is important because it helps to get your body ready for intensive running. If your body is not ready you may have to face the risk of injuries. 
  • Then run at maximum speed for 30 seconds and do a slow jog for the next 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the cycle for about 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • Finish with a 5-minute cool-down stretching and relaxing. 

Interval running does wonders to improve your speed, for your heart health, and weight loss. It can be done indoors or outdoors. If you are running indoors you should get the best indoor running shoes. Lightweight running shoes can be of great help for the effectiveness of interval training.

  1. Do plyometric exercises 

Plyometric exercises are also known as jump training. They are powerful exercises that help to improve speed and strength. Examples of plyometric exercises are squat jump, box jump, burpees, tuck jump, reverse lunge knee-up jump, clapping pushups, and lateral bounds, etc. All these exercises involve the concentric and eccentric concentration of muscles. This stretches and strengthens your muscles and allows them to perform faster and better. These exercises improve your cardiovascular health, increase metabolism, and boost stamina. However, you should remember that plyo exercises can stress your ligaments, joints, and tendons. So you should increase the intensity and duration gradually. Running shoes for women or men will not be appropriate for plyometric exercises. You will not get the proper grip. If you are a man, get the best sports shoe for men that is suitable for plyometric training. This will minimize the risk of injuries and take your running to the next level. 

  1. Make a few changes in your running technique

The first thing to do is to ensure your running shoes are comfortable. If not, you have to get the right best running shoes for athletes. Then, you have to observe your running and make a few changes.

  • Don’t bend or stoop. Maintain a straight posture.
  • Look straight and focus on what is before you. Never look down. 
  • While landing, make sure you land on your mid-foot. 
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed. 
  • Let your back be flat.
  • When you swing your arms they should be at a 90 degrees angle.
  1. Other changes you should remember

If you want to improve your running speed, it is not enough if you change your running technique. You have to make other changes too.

  • Get rid of stress from your body and mind. Take a deep breath before the start.
  • Sleep well. You need at least 8 hours of sleep. 
  • Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. 
  • Take a break after a hard and intense training session. An intense session should be followed by an easy recovery day. 
  • Include carbs in your diet. 
  • Are you planning to run a marathon? There is no doubt that buying the best marathon shoes is important. There is another important thing. You should abstain from alcohol at least for 24 hours before the marathon. 

Listen to your body while training. Symptoms like sleeplessness, fatigue, irritability, and sick feeling are red signals that you are overdoing it. Scale it down to avoid risks and injuries. Buying the best lightweight running shoes is important. Don’t ever forget it. 

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Five Features Your Shoes Should Have for Travelling

A fine pair of hiking and trekking shoes can make or break a day of your traveling plan. Long hours spent on flights and trains, as well as hiking or trekking, can take a toll on your feet.

That’s why picking the ideal pair of lightweight sports shoes is so imperative. It’s crucial to have a pair of shoes that are not only comfortable, but also fashionable, and affordable.

When traveling on a holiday, luggage space is typically restricted, especially on an airplane, making the perfect travel shoes all the more essential. You’ll need something flexible that you can wear in most situations, and when you’re packing them, every ounce and inch matters.

So, how do you pick the best pair of travel shoes that meet all of your requirements?

Asics Women Hiking Shoes

Here are the top 5 features that your hiking and trekking shoes should have for traveling:

Prioritize Comfiness and Flexibility

It’s pretty much obvious, but your hiking or running shoes should be comfy when you’ve decided to travel to mountains.

You can grab a pair of hiking shoes online that’ll be flexible. Don’t choose shoes that are thick and heavy, they are the worst kind. They will definitely cause you sore feet, blisters, and discomfort.

Make sure that your travel shoes are breathable, to avoid sweaty, itchy, and stinky feet.

Always Opt for Lightweight & New Model Shoes

Whether it’s your shoes or your luggage, weight has always been an issue.

Anyway, the intention should be to purchase lightweight shoes for your travelling. No one wants to wear heavy, thick shoes since they actually contribute to their total weight. Furthermore, hefty, bulky shoes are inconvenient to carry.

Although, if you’re going to a snowy destination, you can’t go without boots. But, you can still choose lightweight sports shoes to keep you warm.

When Purchasing New Shoes for Men or Women, Check for its Durability

Wearing your new travel shoes for one day of travel is similar to putting them on for weeks at work. That’s why, if you are going trekking or hiking, always choose a new pair of sturdy travel shoes before you leave.

A good pair of durable shoes should last at least a year and provide arch support, grip, and waterproofing, as well as prevent ripping. Although finding sturdy, all-terrain footwear that is yet lightweight can be challenging, some materials pass the test. Choose wisely!

Best Shoes for Men & Women Should be Waterproof

Wet shoes are a no-no. Wet socks are even more awful. However, when you plan a trip, be prepared to encounter rains, especially if you’re traveling during the spring season.

You might be stuck with moist feet for days if you wear the wrong shoes. This is harmful to your feet because wet footwear creates an ideal environment for bacteria and germs to proliferate. This can cause severe blisters and athlete’s foot, as well as increasing your chances of slipping and falling.

Apart from that, it’s just a miserable situation. So, make sure to purchase the best waterproof shoes for your traveling; be extra cautious if you’re visiting a hilly area.

Choose Trendy Sports Shoes for Women & Men

Now that we’ve been plunged into reality, most of us want to seem smart while traveling.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of trendy shoes available for your trip. But, try to make a fair investment while choosing your sports shoes. Trendy shoes should not only go with your outfit, but also be comfortable, flexible, and durable.

Everybody doesn’t have to be a shoe person. But, sports shoes do play an important role in your traveling plan. Choose your shoes wisely!

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Finding the right training shoes for every type of workout could be a tricky task. After all, the right fit is what’s going to decide the comfort you are in, isn’t it? While working out, we do a variety of movements that require a pair of shoes that are multi-functional.

While it can get really tempting to grab the first pair of running shoes we see for all activities, you might want to figure out what suits you the best for your workout routine. Apart from the durability of the gym and training shoes, aspects like its sole material, toe box, heel height, amongst other things play a major role in being the best movement out of them while working out.

The best shoes for the gym ought to have a design that provides you just enough space in the toe box to give your feet the required extra room to expand while working out. However, too much space in the toe box can be a bit uncomfortable, as gymming also involves unilateral movement that requires a snug fit, hence it’s best to get a pair that has just the right amount of space in its toe box.

It should be constructed with durable material since hitting the gym means a lot of movement that might make your shoes wear out easily. Cushioning for foot support and grip is also crucial to help maintain a proper stance while training. Some variables might be different for your needs, hence it’s best to try your shortlisted gym training shoes before making the purchase.

To help you narrow down your search, here is a curated list of best shoes


With a roomy toe box, the Patriot 12 is a perfect choice for a wide variety of movements and more. The narrow heel gives a secure and comfortable fit and the properly cushioned midsole provides impact protection and shock absorption.


The rear foot gel technology of the GEL-ZONE 7 design provides increased impact absorption where you need it the most. This shoe is best to enhance your foot’s natural gait from foot strike to toe-off. The lightweight midsole foam provides a proper cushion to give support to your feet while training.


The GEL-QUANTUM 180 5 is one of the best fits for training for women. The gel technology gives your feet a responsive footbed, with superior foot support for better shock absorption in the high-impact zones of your heel and forefoot. The forefoot design easily adapts to your movement to give you a comfortable ride.


Especially designed for running, the Dynablast design has an energized cushioning which delivers a high energy return making it comfortable for running. This breathable shoe design has a balanced and a light body that hugs your feet just right making you feel like you are running on clouds.

The bottom line is that the right fit is the key to comfort. Visit Asics India to explore more designs and grab a pair for yourself!

Finally, the Wait is Over for Asics’ Biggest Summer Sale

Ideally, buying a perfect pair of shoes should not be as challenging as it seems to be sometimes. Shoe buying involves considering factors like style, fit, cost, and most of all: comfort. All these factors and more are fulfilled when you buy the best pairs at the men’s shoes sale at Asics. Here, you will come across an incredible collection of some of the best shoes that serve multiple purposes: casual, formal, informal, and sports. If you are wondering why you should invest in some good footwear online, here are a few reasons to help you understand its benefits.

Asics Summer Sale

Stress-free purchase of volleyball shoes on sale

If you are a volleyball player or are planning to take this sport up soon, you need shoes that give you a firm grip and the right fit and keep your feet safe and protected against sudden jerks. If you have an expensive pair in mind, then it is best to buy your volleyball shoes on sale at Asics. This is the right time to get your hands on an excellent pair without shelling out a lot of money.

Comfortable buying at the biggest online shoe sale in India

Buying online will further help you save the time and effort you normally invest into examining and buying the perfect pair.

You don’t even need to step out from the comfort of your home. Instead, explore your options from an incredible shoe catalog at a leisurely pace. No more parking hassles or moving across aisles to spot the right pair of shoes with Asics’ much-awaited online shoes sale in India. Not only do you get to buy those expensive shoes on your wishlist, but also, you get to cop them at a slashed price.

Most importantly, the whole process of online shoe-hunting and buying is so easy, simple, and fast that it soon becomes a pleasurable experience.

Buy the best tennis shoes on sale

At the Asics Sports Shoes Sale, women can also find an amazing range of trendy footwear. Whether you are a runner or all about tennis, you will find many options here to make a perfect choice. Explore the tennis shoes on sale for women for several wise options that come with thick cushioning to keep your feet safe and protected against any injury. The women’s shoes sale is one of the most awaited events at Asics for shopping for excellent and comfortable footwear options for all purposes. The Asics sale offers an amazing range of shoes in different styles, patterns, designs, colors, and sizes for all occasions.

Go simple to advanced at this footwear sale in India

Asics is fast becoming the perfect platform for men and women who lead an active lifestyle and are looking for the most suitable pair of shoes that will complement their diverse fitness needs. Whether you are a runner or participating in tough sports, Asics has something for everyone. The summer footwear sales in India at Asics have helped thousands of people buy technologically advanced and feature-rich shoes that give them the necessary comfort, support, and grip.

Don’t sleep on this. Go and visit the Asics Sale today to buy sports shoes to your heart’s content!

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The Future of High Heels Looks Wobbly

You don’t need to be a fashionista to know that when it comes to the fashion world, trends change rapidly, and the new replaces the old, fast. But if there is one trend that has been going curiously strong for ages, they are the high heels. However, when we talk about the ‘future’ of high heels, the fashion fraternity seems to have a difference in opinion.

It is too early to predict the death of high heels in the pandemic era. We are still waiting for things to get back to normal and dress up normally as we used to. At the same time, the lockdown situation has made us realize the significance of comfort, fitness, and support, even (and especially) when it comes to fashion and shoes. And this is why the sale of the best sports shoes in India has risen exponentially.

The glamour vs. comfort quotient: how lightweight running shoes balance both

Wearers usually look up to high heels, wedges, stilettos, etc. for an appealing appearance and adding a glamour quotient to their ensemble. With time, running shoes have also gone through a makeover. Today, lightweight running shoes are fast becoming a fashion statement themselves, and women love carrying them with grace and aplomb irrespective of their outfits. There is no longer the need to wear heels to show a grown-up, mature sense of glamour. Running shoes will give you just the same sense of a rite of passage, whether it’s in a sari, dress, or casuals. You can create a classy fashion statement today even with stylish running shoes.

Choose the most comfortable running shoes

The trend is gradually changing, and lightweight running shoes are whole-heartedly accepted as a fashion accessory. If the pandemic has you getting used to putting comfort first, naturally, look for something that glamorizes comfort just like you do. Many companies have come up with exclusive ranges of the most comfortable running shoes to give you speed, agility, and comfort combined with style and grace.

The appeal of flats with amazing cushioning, giving much-needed support to the feet has endured. Many high-end fashion houses are now matching the pace of the fast-changing world with specialized or limited-edition ranges of flat but fashionable lightweight running shoes for men and women.

Select the best sports shoes to go with any dress

Some of India’s leading companies have floated incredible ranges of the dressiest and best sports shoes. Men and women leading an active and healthy lifestyle prefer wearing these shoes to stay agile while giving the utmost comfort to their feet. Every aspect of the shoes is designed such that the feet stay warm, protected, and safe against sudden jerks and injuries. It also gives a natural curve to the feet. Thus, wearing them for a long time does not tire the feet, unlike high heels. Yet, they do not compromise on looks and style, matching changing trends perfectly.

The collection of the best sports shoes in India from Asics has helped people stay active during the lockdown. It continues to be an integral part of their wardrobe for the comfort it gives without hampering their style.

So while high heels may or may not go out of fashion completely, lightweight running shoes are all set to encroach on their customer base.

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We all have seen the best of the sportsmen acing their game with specific sports accessories that they prefer on the field. From Virat Kohli to Sania Mirza, every player laces up the footwear specifically designed for the sport.

Over time every shoe brand has come up with staple technologies and designs for all their models to cater to the need for high-performance sports shoes. As technologies evolve and research panned out across various specialisms, shared experience from these has significantly helped brands to merge concepts and designs and benefit from their performance.

Deviating from the needs of a specific sport may make you end up being uncomfortable or injured. For example, if you are training for a sprint, you would want your sports shoes to have enough cushioning to help you absorb the shock while running. Likewise, for all sports footwear, there are specific technology and design needs that you need to consider before making a purchase.

To help you cut through the immense clutter, below we have narrowed down a few sports footwear by Asics that you can consider for your various sports’ needs. Let’s dive in!


Most of the innovation comes in for running shoes since these are the ones that have the highest demand. While going for a pair of running shoes, you need to consider it’s cushioning first. Since running has lateral movement, your foot requires optimum support under your foot to provide impact protection while running. Any good running shoe must have a high-quality cushioning system that gives you lightweight breathability.

Shop running shoes


Training shoes have a lot of design aspects from various sports since training includes is a wide range of movement from jumping to changing directions swiftly. For an all-in-one pair of gym shoes, you must consider heel support, cushioning, and its capability to provide you extra space to expand around your forefoot. It must have a comfortable upper region with a flexible midsole and must be light-weight for easy and efficient multi-directional movement.

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Very near to the design and technology of training shoes, cricket shoes too is a blend of various sports needs as cricket involves a wide range of movement. Look for a pair of shoes that comes with a high-quality material on the upper surface, mostly microfiber, polyethylene (PU) amongst others. These materials are light-weight and last longer no matter what surface the shoes are used on. The shoes must provide you proper cushioning, stability to manage the impact, ventilation to give some breathability. In the case of batting, you can go for half spiked shoes and in the case of bowling, you must consider full spikes so that they offer you proper grip and stability.

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Since the court sports like tennis, basketball, etc involve high impact while playing, tennis shoes need traction and stability to support the wearer in multi-directional movement. Tennis shoes require higher durability since playing on hard courts quickly wears down the shoes. Durability needs might weigh down the shoes, considering this, shoes now include abrasion-resistant technologies around the toe and on the sides so that the shoes can hold up to the impact and pressure of play. Apart from this, tennis shoes also require cushioning to provide support while moving unilaterally.

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Among all the key aspects to consider before buying any sports shoes, shoe size plays the biggest role in a comfortable fit. A size up or down can cause you immense discomfort and even may lead to injuries. To get the best expert guidance, you can also find the nearest Asics store and bring home the best pair of sports shoes you have been eyeing!


Be your feet be naturally wide or in general needs some extra room to breathe while running, finding the right fit for you is essential to keep your feet healthy and happy.

Feeling cramped up, toes rubbing against each other, getting regular blisters, are definite signs that you need to upgrade your running shoes to get some extra space. Amongst these signs, if you can see the structure of your feet and toes pushing against the shoe fabric and the mesh on the upper side of your shoes tend to wear off really fast, you have a case of wide feet on your hand.

To give yourself a big relief, be it a pair of running shoes for women or jogging shoes for men, you need to find the right fit for yourself.

Here are some key factors you need to consider before making the right purchase.

Identify your movement

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the kind of activity or function you are going to perform, according to which you can decide on the design you need for your running shoes. For example, if you are a jogger, a pair of well-cushioned wide-toe space shoes would do, but if you were a trail runner, you would need a pair that can withstand movement on a hard and rocky surface.

Size up

Running shoes generally should run half a size up to give you this extra space you need while running. Naturally when you run your toes expand constantly, which means you ideally need extra room near the toe area to get a comfortable fit. Always try your shoes on while wearing your socks, that will help you get the perfect measure according to your foot size.

Check the toe box

While running feet tend to swell up, which requires some extra space to provide your feet some breathability. To give your toes some room to wriggle, you should look for a wider toe box, it also helps avoid rubbing and chafing. It’s not necessary that every wide-foot runner will need a wider toe box, but if you have some foot conditions like bunions, hammertoes, etc, then this extra space can help make a big difference.

Go for durable materials

A wide-footed runner often has to deal with mesh uppers wearing out frequently. To avoid this, you should look for running shoes that are constructed with durable materials and have a wider sole, which will help in letting the upper mesh of the shoe last a bit longer.

Try on shoes with your orthotics

If you wear orthotics like toe wraps, toe splints, toe separators, or any other products to prevent hammertoes, they generally take up some room in your shoes while wearing them. Even if you try to adjust by removing the existing insoles, you still may need to get a bigger shoe size to compensate for the extra space taken. The best way to get the right fit is to try on the shoes while wearing your orthotics.

Get a professional fitting

The best way to get the right fit is to consider a professional fitting with a running shoe expert as they will be able to guide you to get the right design according to your needs.

Wide feet should not let you from enjoying your favorite sport. To begin with, you can any day shop for lightweight running shoes online to find out what suits you the best. Visit Asics India to explore a wide range of running shoes.